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    How do you know a good landscape designer from a bad landscape designer?

How do you know a good landscape designer from a bad landscape designer?

Landscaping is an extremely important part of your household, and it adds space, value, convenience, and comfort to your home. You want to choose prudently when you’re choosing a landscape designer.

Here are some factors to take into consideration before hiring a landscape designer.

1. Is the company a licensed business? For example, in Ohio, there […]

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Backyard Design in NJ

Designing a new backyard takes a lot of preparation and a good eye for design. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for your backyard design project in NJ:

If you have children, consider a low maintenance section of the yard for them. This may help from […]

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Retaining Walls in NJ

If you’re property has any kind of slope to it, chances are that you have one type or another of retaining walls built somewhere on the property. Basically a landscape architects answer to keeping loose dirt, sand, and most importantly rock from slipping into places where it shouldn’t (like driveways for example) – retaining […]

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Even in this “housing bubble” we’re currently in, adding outdoor landscape lighting to your property can not only increase its value in the marketplace, but make your home a more inviting place. There are as many different kinds and combinations of outdoor lights to choose from, with the only limitation being yours or your […]

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Landscape design NJ

For every region in the world, there are different habitats that support a variety of vegetation, so the landscape design used in a state such as New Jersey would consist of something different than what you would find in a drier, western state. New Jerseys climate ranges from hot and humid in the summer […]

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Patio Designs With A Creative Touch

The landscape design at the front of a house is what others initially see but the back of the house can be a beautiful gathering place with the right patio design. There are so many different concepts that can be used to create that area of serenity. The landscaping that surrounds the patio will […]

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