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Bringing Naturalistic Detail to Your Home or Business

The aesthetic quality of stone is evocative of the natural environment in ways no other building material is.  It speaks of the quality of the earth itself, gracing outdoor landscapes with an organic touch that reminds us we live on a complex planet made of rugged stuff.

In the midst of an urban landscape, stone […]

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Pond and Waterfall Design in Montville, New Jersey

Pond and waterfall features are a stunning complement to any outdoor environment.  The calm, still waters of a koi pond, a stone bench at its tranquil edge, can create the meditative serenity only water can provide.  Waterfalls add an element of surprise and delight, with the sound of falling water creating a comforting sense […]

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Patio Design for Your Lifestyle in Wayne, New Jersey

Outdoor living is one of the joys of the warmer months of the year in Wayne, New Jersey.  What can beat the pleasure of sitting on the patio, enjoying a cold beverage or your morning coffee, while admiring the great outdoors?  There’s nothing like breathing in the freshness of spring, the warmth of summer, […]

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Kinnelon, New Jersey

When summer arrives, the time has come to enjoy your outdoor space, morning, noon and night.  From your morning coffee sipped on the patio, to your afternoon BBQ, to your evening soiree with friends, summer is made to be lived outdoors.

But when night falls, is your outdoor lighting solution a string of patio lanterns?  […]

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An Outdoor Kitchen Design to Love

The heart of every family home is the kitchen.  It’s where we prepare food with love, enjoy it with family and friends and share the neighborhood gossip over coffee.  Kitchens are where the apple pies of the nation are baked and the turkeys that grace our family tables at Thanksgiving are roasted to perfection.

When […]

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Enhance Your Outdoor Space in Little Falls, New Jersey with Low-Voltage and Outdoor LED Lighting

When summer finally comes back around, it’s time to enjoy your outdoor space, morning, noon and night.  From morning coffee sipped on the patio, to your family BBQ, to your evening get together with friends, summer is outdoor living time.

When night falls, savvy homeowners know their carefully-curated outdoor spaces need low-voltage and outdoor LED […]

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Enhance the Character of Your Home with Hardscape Design in Little Falls, New Jersey

Whether your home is a Craftsman cottage, a Mid-Century Modern Rancher, or an office block, hardscape design can greatly enhance its beauty.  Extend the character of your house to the great outdoors, using hardscaping features for decks, retaining walls and walkways.

The creative hardscape design professionals at Creative Images comprise Little Falls, New Jersey’s most […]

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Fountains and Water Feature Design in Mahwah, New Jersey

Fountains and water features are a welcome addition to any outdoor environment.  One need only to know the aesthetic power of the Reflecting Pond in the nation’s capital to agree with that statement.

Reflecting the Washington Monument and magnifying its impact, the Reflecting Pool is one of the most famous water features in the nation […]

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Protect the Integrity of Your Home’s Structure

Water is a capricious natural element.  Beautiful when it’s beheld in the tranquil confines of a pond, or cascading from a rock face as a waterfall, water can also be very destructive.  When it gets too close to your home, it can threaten its structural integrity.

Problems like poorly functioning drainage systems or inappropriate grading […]

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Decorative Retaining Walls in Montclair, New Jersey

Regardless of the architectural tradition in which your home or business is built, retaining walls can greatly enhance its beauty.  Extend the character of your house to the great outdoors, using decorative retaining walls which do their job and look good doing it.

The decorative retaining wall professionals at Creative Images Landscape are Montclair, New […]

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