A lush green lawn in the spring is every home owner’s desire.  It doesn’t just look after itself, though.  There are some things you need to do before winter sets in and the grass goes dormant.

There are many pieces of advice out there about the care of your lawn as winter approaches, but these 3 fall lawn care tips are crucial to the health of your lawn when the grass meets the sun again, in spring.

1. Cut until the first frost.

While it’s tempting to believe you can put the mower away following summer, that’s not at all true.  In fact, you need to keep your lawn cut until the first frost.  It’s still growing.  The trick is not to over cut it.  That means keeping it trimmed to about 2.5 to three inches in height.

Let your lawn get overgrown, and you’re facing unpleasant realities like snow mold.  Cut it too short and you’re undermining the grass’s roots.  Grass root systems typically mirror the length above ground, so you can envision how tenuous those roots are if you’re cutting your grass too short.

2. Aeration.

This is a crucial fall activity for the health of your lawn.  Aeration is a necessary process which allows your lawn to breathe through the dormant months of winter.

Failing to aerate your lawn allows the proliferation of “thatch”.  This substance can block your grass from receiving key nutrients and moisture.  So, think of lawn aeration like exfoliation for your grass and its roots.

Loosening the soil with a device made for doing so allows your lawn to get what it needs, unclogging its “pores”.  Doing this immediately before fertilization allows fertilizers to get to the roots and nourish them.

3. Fertilization.

Fertilization is a key step in preparing your lawn for the dormant months.  The sugars naturally present in plants are important components of lawn fertilizers.  They’re like vitamin supplements for your lawn.  Adding fertilizer protects roots against the frost and allows them to come back to verdant life in spring much more readily.

A good fertilizer should consist of the right blend of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.  Potassium plays a crucial role in protecting your grass from disease, but it also promotes tolerance against winter weather conditions and the possibility of drought.  In addition, it helps keep the roots strong, allowing your grass to get back to growing, when the time comes.

Great lawns start with CI Landscape.

These 3 fall lawn care tips are simple ways to keep your lawn happy while it’s sleeping through the winter.  They’ll ensure that when spring arrives, your lawn will be ready to grow as lush and green as you like it to be.

At CI Landscape, we’re experts at keeping your lawn looking great, bringing you the full spectrum of exterior services to keep your great outdoors looking its best.

We’re serious about landscaping and lawn care, at CI.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your landscaping needs and vision for exteriors that enhance your lifestyle.