Your backyard pool is ground zero for summer fun.  You and your family spend evenings and weekends gathered around it and splashing in its cool, blue waters.  It’s your home’s number one amenity to beat the summer heat.

But this post is about sharing 5 ways to update your pool this year.  These are some terrific updates that take your pool to the next level, upping its the personality and the summer fun to make it an even more beautiful addition to your personal, backyard oasis.

1. Belly up to the bar.

Nothing says paradise like a swim up bar.  For your summer parties and celebrations, a swim up bar is a premium addition to your pool that brings it a touch of glamor.

But swim up bars aren’t just for Mai Tais and Margaritas.  Stock it with cold, bottled water, punch and even cut fruit to keep everyone hydrated under the summer sun.  Adding underwater seating creates the sensation that you’re getting away from it all at a five-star, tropical resort.

2. Light up the night.

Low-wattage exterior lighting keeps the good times rolling, after the sun goes down.  With strategically deployed lighting, your pool becomes a magical place, especially when you include trees and shrubs in your plan.

Underwater lighting and lights trained on the water create a sense of luxury, allowing you to extend the day’s fun into the night.

3. A dancing waterfall.

Resorts around the world deploy waterfalls in their pool areas to kick it up a notch.  Imagine your guests swimming beneath a waterfall descending from a rock face, or a modern architectural element that continuously cycles water through the feature.

Waterfalls bring your pool the animation of moving water, offering a pleasing sound that can also mask traffic noise from surrounding streets.  They’re a beautiful, practical addition to any backyard pool.

4. Keep your cool.

Anyone who’s visited Las Vegas knows about poolside misting.  Misting systems create a cooling environment for lounging on the deck, taking the sun.

Imagine how surprised your visitors will be when they’re caressed by cool mist that hydrates their skin, keeps them cool and helps keep the mosquitoes at bay, all at the same time.  It may sound a little “spendy”, but a quality misting system doesn’t have to break the bank.

Drinks and dinner.

Remember that swim up bar?  Why not make it even better with the addition of a stove top and grill, adding outlets for blenders and other appliances?  What a delightful end to a perfect day in the pool –  drinks and dinner in your bathing suits!

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