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Landscape Planning – What to Do and Why

If you’re thinking ahead to next spring, now’s the time to start visioning and dreaming about the type of landscape you want for your outdoor spaces.

There’s a lot more to it than choosing the right plants and putting them in the right places.  You’ve got big dreams which may include everything from an outdoor […]

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Outdoor Kitchens and Patios – That Time of Year

We regret to inform you that summer is coming to an end.

(Insert chorus of “boos”).

And what that means is that it’s time to prepare your outdoor kitchens and patios for their fall/winter sleep.  As the last wisps of smoke rise from the BBQ and the last deck chair is tucked away in storage, we […]

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Why Every Landscape Needs a Fine Gardener

Every gardener knows that putting plants in the ground is just the beginning. The real work starts as plants begin to grow, requiring a nurturing hand to help them thrive.  As a gardener, you’re in relationship with your growing things. You’re their nursemaid and their source of care.

But your landscape can get you in […]

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Fall Backyard – Advice and Inspiration for Homeowners

Into every one of our lives a little fall must come – once a year.  And this year’s season of preparing your great outdoors for winter weather is well on the way.

Your backyard isn’t going to prepare itself and while it’s a wistful task to wave the balmy months of summer farewell, it’s a […]

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Garden Editing: A Great Way to Reinvigorate Your Landscape

It’s amazing how quickly things can go awry when you turn your back.  In the case of your outdoor spaces, a languid summer can soon turn to cause for alarm.  While you back was turned, a jungle was taking hold.

Before you get out the machete and make like Dr. Livingstone, we’re going to talk […]

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Tips for Creating Beautiful and Welcoming Front Walkways Your Visitors Will Be Sure to Envy

Your home’s entranceway is where you greet your guests.  Welcoming them with a walkway that says you care about their comfort and experience of your home creates a lasting first impression.

Even people walking or driving past will take note of an attractive walkway which leads to your front door.  Walkways make a strong statement […]

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Home Landscaping Ideas: Building a Storyboard

It’s in our dreams that some of our brightest ideas reside.  Sometimes our dreams are over-the-top.  They’re elaborate visions of what we’d do, had we only the time and money to make them happen.

But somewhere between those over-the-top visions of grandiosity and reality, there are the dreams which are great landscaping concepts waiting to […]

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Learn How to Choose the Best Planning Lead Time for Your Landscape Project

The first thing we need to say in this post is that good things take time.

When spring arrives, our thoughts turn to outdoor living, so the tendency is to start looking around and planning major landscape projects.  You’re envisioning all manner of improvements and upgrades, but you know that time flies.

And that’s the problem.

This […]

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5 Top Fall Tasks to Give Your Landscape the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Avid gardeners know that fall is the best time to get their flower beds and lawn ready for the growing season in spring.

Winter is coming at us rapidly, so now’s the time to turn your attention to the 5 top fall tasks to give your landscape the biggest bang for your buck.  Let’s look […]

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3 Tips for Optimal Placement and Size of Outdoor Landscape Features

Scale and size are important considerations when planning outdoor landscape features.  What looks fantastic in your neighbor’s backyard may not work in yours.

It may even look out of place, or jarring.

We’ve all seen it at other people’s homes – out-of-proportion decks which dwarf the furniture on them, or decks too small for the furniture […]

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