Should I Cut My Lawn or Hire a Landscaping Service?

If you’re contemplating the great philosophical question, “Should I cut my lawn or hire a landscaping service?”, we have a few thoughts to share with you.

First things first – the internet is full of smart and sassy responses.  Depending on the website your search takes you to, you’ll probably see businesses like lawn mower […]

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The Right Landscaping Increases Property Value

No matter where you live, it’s an eternal truth that the quality work you put into your home’s exteriors raises the value of your property.  Keeping your outdoor areas looking beautiful creates curb appeal that can’t be denied.

The right landscaping increases property value because it makes your house a local superstar.  Cars slow to […]

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3 Fall Lawn Care Tips

A lush green lawn in the spring is every home owner’s desire.  It doesn’t just look after itself, though.  There are some things you need to do before winter sets in and the grass goes dormant.

There are many pieces of advice out there about the care of your lawn as winter approaches, but these […]

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Landscape Design Ideas: Front Yard Renovations

Loving your home is a full-time job.  When you really care about the quality and value of your home, you’ll invest time and money in making it look as beautiful outside as it does inside.

But what’s missing?  What would make your home look even better than it already does?  There are so many ways […]

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Tips for Summer Yard Maintenance

Summer means enjoying your yard and spending as much time outdoors as possible.  But it can be a challenge to keep your lawn and yard looking beautiful.  There are so many things to consider, from the health of your lawn to the care of trees and plants.

These tips for summer yard maintenance will make […]

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What You Need to Know About Outdoor Kitchens

If you’re dreaming of having an outdoor kitchen, you’re certainly not alone.  Many people are sharing that dream.  Installing an outdoor kitchen is the second most popular home improvement project in the USA today, topped only by updating indoor kitchens.

The kitchen being the heart of the home, that makes sense.

But taking your kitchen act […]

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A Little Mulch Goes a Long Way

Mulch is a balancing act.  Too much and you can be working against your trees and plants.  Not enough and you’re working against yourself (because you’re the one doing it).

A little mulch goes a long way.  So, let’s talk about mulching and how to do it right.
Organic or inorganic?
Most horticulturists and landscapers prefer organic […]

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Using Foliage Plants for Year ‘Round Interest

Every garden that’s well-maintained is beautiful during the warm months of spring and summer.  But your garden is there all year long, so using foliage plants for year ‘round interest is a must.

There are many plants adaptable to all-season gardens, so we’d like to share some of them with you, in the interest of […]

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Landscape Lighting – Extend Your Evenings

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay outdoors after the sun has set, enjoying your home’s beautiful exteriors in the cool, night air?

Sure, there are ways around the darkness – flashlights, hurricane lanterns and candles can all light your way.  But what if you could just flip a switch and see your outdoor […]

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Why Summer Is a Good Time for Landscape Planning

Nobody wants to think about fall during the summer months, but it’s not that far off.  And October is the perfect time to plant new shrubs, bushes and trees.

Why summer is a good time for landscape planning has much to do with the increased use of your home’s exterior spaces.  You’re out there more, […]

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