Luxury means different things to different people.  Some folks are content with a shady corner, a lounge chair and a good book.  Others have dreams of outdoor living that include focal points and features which make their outdoor spaces showpieces.

In this post, we’re going to talk about bringing luxury design to your landscape, with some tips from landscape professionals and designers, according to what’s happening for 2019.

Now’s the time to start dreaming about adding the luxury features you desire to make of your outdoor oasis a gem you’ll never want to leave.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

When the weather gets warm, we all rush outdoors, spending as much time as we can in the fresh air and sunshine.

But making your outdoor living spaces as comfortable and attractive as your indoor ones demands forethought.  What makes an outdoor living area truly gorgeous?

It’s a matter of details like lighting, but it’s also anchored by manmade features like decking or concrete, creating a comfortable area which invites friends and family to gather.  You may see yourself gazing into a crackling fire pit or cooking in an outdoor kitchen.  Whatever your vision, taking your lifestyle outdoors needn’t be a matter of setting up the lawn chairs on the grass.  Comfortable seating, evocative lighting and a strong sense of intentional purpose can make your outdoor living months even better.

Entertaining by the Pool

If you’re one of those lucky people with a pool, making it even more of an amenity creates another level of hospitality and family comfort.

A swim up bar or water feature may be on your list, but you may have a unique vision of decking, arranged with tables and chairs for entertaining.  What could be more magical on those hot summer nights than entertaining friends, feeding them from an outdoor grill and lubricating the conversation with libations from your swim up bar?

Buggy Out There?

For those of us who struggle with larger than normal mosquito populations over the warm weather months, creating an outdoor area that’s screened keeps the ravening clouds of these annoying insects at bay, while still affording the luxury of being outdoors in your own back yard.

A gazebo can fulfill this function when screening’s added, but so can a deck of either concrete or wood.  Today’s mosquito screens are practical, effective and lightweight, so you don’t miss a minute of the outdoor living pleasure, while staying bite-free.

Creative Images Landscape

Bringing luxury to your landscape is as simple as a call to the professionals at CI.  With creative flair and technical know-how, we offer your great outdoors the extraordinary, from low-wattage outer lighting to pools and surrounds, to outdoor kitchens.  We’ve got all the luxury your landscape needs to make it a local hero on the block.

No matter what your outdoor living vision entails, we’ve good the knowledge and equipment to make it happen, beautifully.  If you’re ready to bring luxury to your landscape, the experts at CI are ready with everything you need to bring it to vibrant life.  Contact us.