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    Landscape Design to Maximize Your Yard’s Sun and Shade Areas

Landscape Design to Maximize Your Yard’s Sun and Shade Areas

Nobody’s born knowing everything.  The secret life of plants can be mysterious and intimidating.  So, it’s easy to position plants in the wrong part of your yard, when you’re a rookie gardener.

But that’s why we’re here, sharing some basic landscape design to maximize your yard’s sun and shade areas.  Let’s read about how it’s […]

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3 Tips for Optimal Placement and Size of Outdoor Landscape Features

Scale and size are important considerations when planning outdoor landscape features.  What looks fantastic in your neighbor’s backyard may not work in yours.

It may even look out of place, or jarring.

We’ve all seen it at other people’s homes – out-of-proportion decks which dwarf the furniture on them, or decks too small for the furniture […]

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Landscape Design Ideas: Front Yard Renovations

Loving your home is a full-time job.  When you really care about the quality and value of your home, you’ll invest time and money in making it look as beautiful outside as it does inside.

But what’s missing?  What would make your home look even better than it already does?  There are so many ways […]

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Pond and Waterfall Design in Montville, New Jersey

Pond and waterfall features are a stunning complement to any outdoor environment.  The calm, still waters of a koi pond, a stone bench at its tranquil edge, can create the meditative serenity only water can provide.  Waterfalls add an element of surprise and delight, with the sound of falling water creating a comforting sense […]

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Fountains and Water Feature Design in Mahwah, New Jersey

Fountains and water features are a welcome addition to any outdoor environment.  One need only to know the aesthetic power of the Reflecting Pond in the nation’s capital to agree with that statement.

Reflecting the Washington Monument and magnifying its impact, the Reflecting Pool is one of the most famous water features in the nation […]

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    How do you know a good landscape designer from a bad landscape designer?

How do you know a good landscape designer from a bad landscape designer?

Landscaping is an extremely important part of your household, and it adds space, value, convenience, and comfort to your home. You want to choose prudently when you’re choosing a landscape designer.

Here are some factors to take into consideration before hiring a landscape designer.

1. Is the company a licensed business? For example, in Ohio, there […]

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Retaining Walls in NJ

If you’re property has any kind of slope to it, chances are that you have one type or another of retaining walls built somewhere on the property. Basically a landscape architects answer to keeping loose dirt, sand, and most importantly rock from slipping into places where it shouldn’t (like driveways for example) – retaining […]

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Landscape design NJ

For every region in the world, there are different habitats that support a variety of vegetation, so the landscape design used in a state such as New Jersey would consist of something different than what you would find in a drier, western state. New Jerseys climate ranges from hot and humid in the summer […]

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Patio Designs With A Creative Touch

The landscape design at the front of a house is what others initially see but the back of the house can be a beautiful gathering place with the right patio design. There are so many different concepts that can be used to create that area of serenity. The landscaping that surrounds the patio will […]

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