Your home’s entranceway is where you greet your guests.  Welcoming them with a walkway that says you care about their comfort and experience of your home creates a lasting first impression.

Even people walking or driving past will take note of an attractive walkway which leads to your front door.  Walkways make a strong statement about your lifestyle, level of hospitality and love for your home.

Let’s review some tips for creating beautiful and welcoming front walkways your visitors will be sure to envy.

Formal vs. family.

In many family homes, the front door is reserved for visitors.  Using a second entryway (like the garage, or back door), for daily use factors in contingencies like muddy boots and wet dogs.  For that reason, secondary entrances should be supplemented by a formal entrance.

This way of organizing the home’s entrances allows for high traffic family use, while not requiring guests to track through a mud room or carport on the way inside your home.

A formal entrance for guests says their visit is special.

Space and accommodation.

Adding a walkway to your home creates a visible sign of hospitality.  You’ve created a conveyance for guests to move from the street to your home’s front door.  Your walkway should speak of comfort and consideration of visitors.

Using flagstones, pavers or brick creates additional texture.  Aligned to your home’s unique characteristics, the walkway to your door should be dry, clear of debris and wide, giving your visitors the sense of a special occasion the moment they step onto it.

Likewise, your front landing should be spacious, with room for decorative elements and for more than one person to stand on it.  Your landing should also be covered.  We all know the elements can make standing on the front steps waiting for someone to answer the door unpleasant.

That’s not a good first impression.

Add personality.

Your home is unique and your walkway should reflect that.  When planning to install a walkway, consider materials which complement the character of your home, creating the impression that it’s always been there.

Add flower beds planted with ground cover or native grasses for easy maintenance and visual interest.  Low-voltage ground lighting is an extra touch which tells your guests you care about their safety, when approaching your door after dark.

It’s also an elegant way of highlighting your walkway which adds interest, even when no one’s visiting.

CI Landscapes – paving experts.

Installing a walkway you can be proud of is as easy as a call to the paving experts at Creative Images Landscape.  These tips for creating beautiful and welcoming walkways your visitors will be sure to envy are just the beginning of what we can do.

With fidelity to your home’s character, we’ll create a gateway to your home worthy of your lifestyle and your guests.  Our creative paving solutions bring you a world of choices, while our landscaping expertise ensures your new walkway will be beautiful to behold.

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