They say that God is in the details and when it comes to your yard, truer words were never spoken.

Just like your interiors, details in your exteriors have a huge impact.  They speak of the thought you put into your yard and how much it means to you.  On that note, let’s get started on the theme of details matter:  improve your yard with these 5 features.  You’ll be amazed!

1. Just Add Water

Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of water?  It adds an element of sound that’s both soothing and strategic.  If you live near a busy street, a water feature helps to mask the street noise, making your yard a place of ultimate chill.

Fountains of all kinds fulfill this purpose.  But you can get creative and make your own babbling brook, complete with charming features like a flagstone path and quiet little corners, perfect for an afternoon snooze or a little summer reading.

2. Sprinklers

Sprinklers timed to come on in the early morning may sound like a luxury but how often do you get out there to water everything before heading out to work?  Not often, we’ll bet.

While you’re in the shower, your lawn and plants can be getting their daily dousing.  And did you know that the early morning is an ideal time to water?  Water has a chance to soak into the ground, allowing your lawn and garden to benefit before the sun hits.

Not only that, but homes with timed sprinklers enjoy an immediate appreciation in resale value.

3. Install a Deck

Installing a deck on your property creates a defined outdoor living area, with none of those pesky “crooked” lawn chair problems.  A deck is made for entertaining and relaxing, providing an area that your friends and family will enjoy for years.

And again, this is a value-added addition which will pay dividends when it’s time to sell.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Do you gaze longingly at outdoor kitchens on Pinterest?  Maybe it’s time to stop dreaming and start grilling by having an outdoor kitchen installed.  With the right landscaper, you’ll be getting an amenity that’s super-hot with homeowners right now (and a valued feature for home hunters).

2019 may very well be the year of the grill at your house!

5. Plant Design

A truly great yard has flower beds and the right plants in them.  From ground cover to the flowers, to the shrubs and ornamentation, getting your flower beds right can really set your outer space apart.  But if you’re not that great with plants, hire us.  Creative Images Landscape is your horticultural expert, bringing you local plant knowledge and in-depth horticultural experience.  And if our plants don’t thrive, we’ll replace them up to 6 months after they’re installed.

CI brings the creative impulse to your great outdoors.  But we’re also skilled technicians who build landscapes to last.

Ready to bring the details that make the difference to you outdoor living enjoyment and the resale value of your home?  Contact us.