It seems that summers are getting hotter.  With temperatures soaring well over 100˚ all over the USA, your summer landscaping game needs to change if you’re going to keep your outdoor areas looking their best.

There are some simple rules to follow when considering what’s best for your outdoor spaces.  These dos and don’ts of summer landscaping will help you avoid costly mistakes.

DO – plant the right kind of vegetables.

A lot of people jump the gun and plant vegetables better adapted to the cooler months during the summer. Vegetables like carrots, radishes and lettuce won’t taste the same if you plant them at this time of year.  In fact, you’ll be disappointed by the results.

Instead, focus on hot-weather vegetables like eggplant, chili peppers and sweet potatoes.  The sweet potato is an excellent summer planting choice, because of the ground cover it offers, creating necessary shade to keep the weeds at bay.

DON’T – unleash the Hoover Dam on your lawn.

When the going gets hot, don’t go crazy with the water.  An in-ground sprinkler system is a great thing, but not when it’s timed to come on regardless of what it’s doing outside.

Remember that it rains in the summer, too.  So, pay attention to the weather to avoid unleashing a muddy mess, or watering during times that water use has been curtailed, due to drought conditions.

DO – water in the morning.

It’s indisputable that your lawn and plants get much more from watering when it’s performed in the early morning.  This gives your greenery time to absorb water through the roots.

Watering in the heat of the afternoon leads to rapid evaporation, depriving your plants of what they need, wasting water and creating unnecessary humidity in your outdoor environment.

DON’T – short-change your lawn.

Cutting your grass too short may mean that you’re causing the roots to become shallower.  This allows for weed incursion and well – short-changes your lawn.

Cutting your grass too short is also going to render it much less drought-resistant.  So, resist the temptation to short-change your lawn.  Leaving it a little longer means its going to be healthier and greener.

DO – go tropical.

Tropical plants are tough and in the hot months, they’ll grow like weeds when some of your less heat-resistant varietals are giving up.

Plants like elephant ears and ginger create a lushness in your back yard when placed under shade trees, or in large pots and beds.  They’re a seasonal addition that keeps your back yard looking beautiful and cared for when other plants aren’t very happy.

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These dos and don’t of summer landscaping are just the beginning. To finish the job, call CI.