Avid gardeners know that fall is the best time to get their flower beds and lawn ready for the growing season in spring.

Winter is coming at us rapidly, so now’s the time to turn your attention to the 5 top fall tasks to give your landscape the biggest bang for your buck.  Let’s look at what you need to do have your backyard spring-ready, before winter hits.

1. Weeding? Really?

Yes, really!  Weeding in the fall is a surefire way to nip spring weeds in the bud.  While weeds are always going to be part of your life, weeding now can save you a lot of time in the spring.  There will be fewer of them to worry about.

Even though this is the time of year weeds go dormant (like everything else), before that happens, they go to seed.  Birds and wind can mean those seeds are finding a home.  Pull weeds up by the roots before that happens and reduce the spring population.

2. Cleanup.

Fall cleanup is another top task that helps you prepare for spring.  Getting your flower beds and lawn ready for the first mulch is part of it.

Keep leaves raked and composted, edging your beds and cutting down perennials and you’ll have your garden mulch-ready to grow, when the time comes.

3. Transplant what you can.

Fall’s the time to check your beds for areas which may have become overcrowded by rapid-growth plant varietals.  Bushes and shrubs are prime candidates for this activity.

Move plants like azaleas and rhododendrons to areas which may need a little more color, or establish brand new beds.

4. Divide the big ones.

Do some of your perennials look like they’re taking over?  It’s time to divide them.  This is one of the best of the 5 top fall tasks to give your landscape the biggest bang for your buck.

Like transplanting to manage overcrowding, dividing plants gives your garden more of a good thing.  Start a new bed with what you’ve divided and create an even more beautiful garden – with what you already have!

5. Fall seeding.

Fall is prime time for seeding.  While most of us think that’s the spring, you need to remember that the ground is still hard.  Getting areas seeded before the first frost is a great way to prepare yourself for a verdant spring lawn.

Rake to get the thatch that’s formed in your lawn out and to prepare the soil.  Add soil and a quality fertilizer and then seed.  As fall progresses, water regularly.  You’ll be creating the conditions your lawn needs to thrive, once spring arrives.

These 5 top fall tasks to give your landscape the biggest bang for your buck are here to save you effort and money.  When your garden is ready to grow in the spring, you’ll be light years ahead of those who don’t know the importance of fall preparation.

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