People with gardens tend to love the pursuit of growing things.  They take pride in their horticultural knowledge and put in the sweat equity it takes to grow a beautiful garden.

But sometimes, calling in a professional can help with some of the thornier issues which arise in fall.  You may be questioning how landscaping experts can help you this fall, because you’re a skilled and diligent gardener.  But there are some advantages to the strategy which we’d like to share in this post.

Read on to discover how landscaping experts can help you this fall.

Defending Your Investment

Your home is the biggest financial investment of your life and the most important to you, personally.  You want to keep it looking its best and not just for you.  Should you decide to move, you want it to boast showstopping curb appeal.  That adds significant value to your residence.

Hiring landscaping experts brings you the gift of professional knowledge and the time you may not have for some of the bigger jobs – like clearing fall leaves.

While not everyone believes in clearing leaves from the yard in the fall, leaves land on more than the grass.  If they get into your gutters without your knowledge, you can have problems once the rain and snow arrive.


Landscaping experts are trained arborists who know what and when to prune your trees.  You may have the desire but not the knowledge to perform this yearly task.

Unpruned trees can mean branches which have become unstable and can fall over the winter, due to the weight of snow and high winds.  Having your trees professionally pruned prevents damage to your property and eliminates a hazard to your family.

PRO-TIP:  Have your trees pruned in winter, once the leaves have fallen.  When the branches are bare, landscaping experts charge you less to prune them.

Snow and Ice Control

Getting acquainted with your landscaping experts allows you to find a source for expert snow and ice removal.  At CI Landscape, it’s part of what we do.

We all know what New Jersey winters are like.  There’s a lot of snow and ice.  Maybe you’re not a fan of all the labor involved in keeping your home clear of it and safe for your family to come and go.

When you have the landscaping experts at CI controlling the snow and ice at your property, you avoid the stress, shoveling and relentless icicle checks, putting it on the plates of our professionals.

Putting Your Lawn to Bed

You’ll be aware that the best time for lawn prep for spring is in the fall.  Right before it goes dormant is your moment to put it to bed for its winter hibernation.

A landscaping expert will aerate your lawn to expose the fertile soil beneath.  We’ll add soil where necessary and seed it, so it’s ready to burst into vibrant, new life when the sun comes back.

This fall, call the landscaping experts at CI Landscape to prepare your home for winter.