The area at the front of your house says a lot about you.  Is it paved?  You’re a practical person (or maybe you just have something against grass).  Does it consist of a vast lawn and little else?  You’re a bit of a lawn showboat (especially, if it has that stripy effect).  Or perhaps you lawn bowl.  Hard to say!

But if you’re one of those people who knows that the front yard is like a living statement about your lifestyle, you want to make something of it.

You’re probably reading this because you’ve grown a little weary of the way your front yard looks.  You feel it’s time for a change.  And you’re thinking about a garden.

This post is just for you.  How to transform your front yard into a garden is our little way of saluting people who embrace change for beauty’s sake.

And to improve their home’s property value! Smart.

Gardens Can Be a Lot of Things

How you choose to approach a front yard garden depends on lot on your temperament, lifestyle and taste.

Some like to use rocks to create miniature habitats which include small ponds, statuary and even decorative grasses.  Others like a classic look, with flower beds lining the drive and the perimeter of the house.

Nowadays, there’s a growing trend toward using the area in the front of your home for food production in a container garden.  While this solution may not be for everyone, a container garden is a sustainable choice which makes good use of available land.  And container gardens can be beautiful, if they’re planned well.

Never mind the great fruit and vegetables you’ll be eating and canning!  Just remember that some municipalities may have by-laws prohibiting the installation of a container or other type of food-bearing garden.  Know what the rules are before you proceed, if this option interests you.

Getting Started

You’re thinking about a garden but you’re not sure what it should look like.  That’s where the internet comes in very handy.

Search the internet for gardening ideas and examples of well-maintained, attractive gardens.  Pinterest is a great source, with entire topical boards dedicated to gardens, gardening and photos of beautiful gardens all over the world.

As you do your homework, you’ll become increasingly aware of what you’d like to see growing in your front yard but don’t forget to factor in practicality.

Are you keen on maintaining the garden?  If you’re not, you may want to opt for more low maintenance solutions like sculpted beds featuring grasses and ground cover, punctuated by sculpture.  If you feel a green thumb calling you, though, the sky’s limit.

How to transform your front yard into a garden is a highly personal decision.  This is your home and it’s your time.  An important question to ask yourself is, “How would I like to spend my spare time?”.  Knowing yourself is an important key to planning the right kind of garden for you.

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