Landscape Architects Franklin Lakes, NJThere are many different levels of training and expertise that govern most professions. Landscape architects Franklin Lakes, NJ too, have to have that training and expertise in order to excel in their job. The main confusion here comes because Landscape architects Franklin Lakes, NJ often get mistaken for landscape designers, as the specific roles each play is not clear.

Landscape architects Franklin Lakes, NJ create a meaningful and visually interesting design which preserve the environment, and boost the wellbeing, health and safety of the client who hires their services. Landscape architects Franklin Lakes, NJ have a degree in landscape design and are state-licensed design professionals.

Landscape architects Franklin Lakes, NJ utilize their artistic and technical talents to design and plan the environment around them. They create construction documents, drawings, and specifications which denote the arrangement, allocation, and construction of water resources and land elements. It is important for these architects to have professional liability insurance.

They are also trained to communicate their designs through the graphic and visual documentation of plans and design concepts on paper. They also deal with the design of hardscape elements such as arbors, pools, retaining walls, fountains, as well we other engineered non-structural elements. Landscape architects Franklin Lakes, NJ act as a go-between between the owner and the contractor. Due to the fact that they aren’t bound by any financial ties to the contractor, a landscape architect can support quality work.

On the other hand, landscape designers are not regulated by the state or licensed and are usually limited to making drawings and plans for the placement, selection or use of plants at times when it does not affect safety, public health or welfare.

Landscape designers, unlike landscape architects Franklin Lakes, NJ, are not required to possess any kind of training or education in the field. They do have the expertise to advise you on certain issues, but may not have the skill to oversee construction, site engineering, local regulations or building technique, the way landscape architects do.

Most landscape designers are knowledgeable about plant materials and are adept planting designers. It may be difficult for owners to obtain a competitive bid price for the work that is to be done if a designer is affiliated with a construction company. This leaves homeowners no basis for a comparison where work in concerned.