Landscape Architects Kinnelon, NJRoof decks and garden can improve your quality of life and offer you tons of amazing possibilities. Whether you see yourself relaxing with a great book, entertaining friends and family or just soaking up the sun, landscape architects Kinnelon, NJ highly recommend the installation of a roof deck and garden to brighten up your living space.

A study released by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) in February 2014, states that the expected popularity of outdoor living spaces such as entertainment spaces and kitchens were rated by landscape architects in the residential sector, as a close second to other landscaped spaces and gardens.

The design of a roof deck and garden is a niche field that is great for most urbane compact living spaces. Landscape architects Kinnelon, NJ capitalizes on multi-unit buildings, underused outdoor living space on top of garages, commercial office buildings and single-family homes to create such living spaces.

One of the main reasons that rooftop decks and gardens have become so popular in the recent times, is because people are slowly starting to appreciate the amenities that go with outdoor living, such as an outdoor grilling area, a bar, or fire elements. With the advent of all the new outdoor design elements, landscape architects Kinnelon, NJ will be concentrating a lot more on rooftop decks and gardens in the foreseeable future.

Why it is great to have a rooftop deck and garden

If you love the outdoors, why not have a little piece of it in your urbane home, in the form of a rooftop deck and garden? If you the kind of person that appreciates plants and fresh air, if your property has a panoramic view that a green outdoor space will compliment, or if you simply want a feel of the great outdoors in a compact living space, landscape architects Kinnelon, NJ will create an environment for you which will maximize the experience that you want to achieve from your space.

Best plants for roof gardens

Landscape architects Kinnelon, NJ propose the use of many different kinds of plants to make your rooftop garden look beautiful. Most of these are a unique combination of early spring, summer, and fall annuals, and winter greenery. Add perennial grasses which add texture and act as sterling privacy screens to the mix and you are all set. Serviceberry is another interesting plant to use, since it blooms in the spring, has a beautiful red berry in the summer, and has a wonderful fall color.