landscape architects pompton plains, njLandscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ who are licensed professionals, should not be confused with landscape designers, who often are not required to possess any kind of licenses to get the job done. Landscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ have degrees in landscape design and are state-licensed design professionals. These architects work towards creating a visually intriguing and meaningful design that preserves the environment, and boosts the safety, wellbeing, and health of the client who hires their services.

How Landscape Architecture can Help You

Landscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ provide designs that span many different parameters, right from restoring endangered wetlands, building park out of waste, creating energy efficient home landscapes, leveraging landscapes to manage water, adding vitality to communities through the installation of parks and creating urban forests. Here are some types of projects that Landscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ undertake:

ÿ Healing gardens — Landscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ work in tandem with medical professionals to create landscapes that boost the immune system, reduce stress, improve Alzheimer’s symptoms, reduces time spent in hospitals, and encourages physical activity.

ÿ Green Roofs — Landscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ can install a living system of soil and plants instead of a black tar roof, which can be instrumental in saving winter heating costs, reducing air temperature by 59 degrees in the summer, the cleaning and storing of rainwater, and the provision of habitat to pollinating birds and insects.

ÿ Bioremediation — Landscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ make use of natural systems of soil microbes, fungi, or plants to turn formerly polluted industrial sites into a valuable and safe public green area.

ÿ Save on energy costs — Shrubs, trees, and other plants can be utilized to lower a home’s cooling costs to 8 percent in the winter and heating costs by as much as 50 percent in the summer.

Landscape Architects Learn the Landscape

Before they start to design your outdoor living space, landscape architects Pompton Plains, NJ fist start by understanding what your needs are. They research the landscaping site, come up with possible options, and depending on what kind of project it is, ask for inputs from the community. There are plenty of aspects of landscape architecture that focuses mainly on the planning and analysis of the area before any design can even take shape.

Landscape Architecture is an Ongoing Process

After the final plan is done the landscape architects meet with clients, visits the site, and works in tandem with the construction team to make sure that everything is going according to plan.