Landscape Architects Saddle River, NJLandscape architects Saddle River, NJ work towards managing and conserving heritage and natural landscapes as well as create new rural, urban, public, or residential landscapes. They have a passion for the creation, care, upkeep and enhancement of landscape design.

The work that landscape architects Saddle River, NJ does, varies quite a bit. There are some landscape firms that specialize only in some aspects of design. That is why you should choose landscape architects Saddle River, NJ who possess the skills required to ace your landscape project. The many fields that landscape architects Saddle River, NJ may be involved in are:

Site-specific landscape design (commercial, residential, public or educational)

This kind of design involves assisting with the site measurement, the formulation of the brief, as well as the development of a landscape concept plan for the site. The needs of the client is taken into consideration here, and only then do landscape architects Saddle River, NJ develop planting plans and construction drawings. There are times that the architect may be required to prepare drawings of the project for presentation purposes.

Contract supervision and documentation

Many landscape architects Saddle River, NJ aren’t involved in constructing their designs. Their work largely relies on awarding contracts, assisting clients in inviting and reviewing tenders from landscape contractors, and acting as the project manager or the client’s agent.

Large-scale landscape planning and management

Landscape architects Saddle River, NJ who undertake this sort of work, usually do for planning authorities or councils. The job involves mapping out the potential change in landscape scenarios that may occur due to factors such as land-use activity changes, population growth, or infrastructure projects such as roads or wind farms. They may also be involved in writing landscape policies that feed into national or local planning legislation.

Landscape assessment

When landscape architects are part of the Resource Consent process, they are often required to prepare assessments that detail the potential effects of a proposal on a visual amenity or a certain landscape. These assessments would be presented at the Resource Consent Hearing.


There are some landscape architects Saddle River, NJ who are enrolled in a post-graduate or doctorate program or employed by universities to conduct research on landscape architectural theories and techniques. They aren’t really consultants and usually aren’t listed in popular forums.

The field of landscape architecture is huge and that is why you should choose landscape architects Saddle River, NJ to suit your specific needs.