Loving your home is a full-time job.  When you really care about the quality and value of your home, you’ll invest time and money in making it look as beautiful outside as it does inside.

But what’s missing?  What would make your home look even better than it already does?  There are so many ways to achieve an attractive front yard.  But here, we’ll offer you some of our favorite landscape design ideas for front yard renovations.

Create an unusual environment.

When people think of front yards, they tend to think inside the box.  But at CI, that’s not our way. CI stands for “creative images”, so we bring leading edge creativity to your front yard renovation with landscape design ideas that break the mold.

Picture a meadow in your front yard, expertly curated with the use of ornamental grasses and other hardy, attractive plants.  Your vision meets our imagination, at CI Landscape.

From sculpted rock gardens with native groundcover taking pride of place, to innovatively realized outdoor entertaining areas, which are private and integrated into their surroundings, we bring you exceptional solutions.

About face.

The entrance to your home is its face.  Reflecting your home’s character and speaking to your lifestyle, it presents visitors with an introduction to your vision of graceful living.  As part of a front yard renovation, the centrality of the entranceway can’t be underestimated.

Whether you choose a modernist interpretation of what it means to welcome visitors, or an elegant, neo-classical design, CI makes it happen with technical excellence and fidelity to the overall design of your house and front yard.

The value of creative paving.

CI’s paving solutions are some of the most refined and state-of-the-art available in northern New Jersey (or anywhere else, for that matter).  With extensive knowledge of materials and an eye to design integration that complements your house and its front yard, we offer an exceptionally wide range of materials, deploying them effectively and appropriately.

A winding drive, edged with flower beds, hedges or a custom hardscaping solution are all ways to make your driveway look its very best.  Similarly, the walkway guides family and friends to your front door.  When designed with your home’s unique style in mind, these elements become essential parts of your front yard, creating a lasting impression.

A porch to dream on.

The porch is a home improvement that enhances your personal enjoyment of the property, provides additional space for entertaining and adds material value to your home.

From wraparounds to complement traditional styles, to modern solutions, CI is your creative source for a striking porch that makes your home the star of the neighborhood and a hit with guests.

Let’s talk about your vision.

These landscape design ideas for front yard renovations are just the beginning of what’s possible with CI Landscape.  For outstanding quality and comprehensive, guaranteed service, we’re the only landscape designers you need to know about.

For uncompromising quality, workmanship and customer care, contact us.  Let’s talk about your vision and our bright ideas.