landscpae design mahwah njIf you are looking for a tranquil landscape design Mahwah NJ, why not opt for a Japanese garden that soothes and rejuvenates you? According to the Japanese aesthetic called ‘chibui’, that is the main purpose of such a garden. Everyone needs a tranquil place to escape from the madness of our hectic lives. We need a spot in nature where we can rest, relax, and rejuvenate our minds and bodies.

That is why landscape designs Mahwah NJ that focus on sparse plantings and natural paving are becoming popular. To achieve shibui’s calming effect, you don’t really need to create a garden that looks Japanese. All you have to do is take the basic concepts and apply your own style to it.

The reason that a landscape design Mahwah NJ like a Japanese garden feels peaceful, is because it isn’t overcrowded. It is as important to have a bare space, as it is to have a filled-in space. This is why most landscape designers leave the centre of their gardens open, only planting ground-hugging plants such as blue senecio, dymondia, and prostrate juniper.

If you have a scenic natural view, incorporate it into your landscape design Mahwah NJ. But if it doesn’t, there’s no reason to worry. You can use your surroundings as inspiration and add some elements of nature into your garden.

While flowers do add a vibrant hue to your garden, simple foliage tends to catch your eye in a more soothing, quieter manner. Use fleshy Senecio mandraliscae, sturdy agaves, and tall flax near fine-textured Boston ivy or groundcovers to create an area that is restful and simple, yet interesting.

If you must add art to your garden, do it wisely and to compliment the look of your green space, not to clash with it. Art can add a rustic, classic, or contemporary charm to any garden space.

Quiet and peaceful are the two main elements of shibui. Such a garden must be tranquil but not staid and must possess beauty is the most subtle manner, with an underlying complexity. Try evoking this concept with some staghorn ferns.

Add some personal elements to your tranquil garden as well, something that represents who you are. It could be a print of your favorite painting, a photo of that someone special, a memento from a trip abroad, etc. – anything that enriches your garden experience.