Landscape Design Montclair NJIf you want to be innovative in your landscape design Montclair NJ, have you ever thought of turning to pop-culture for ideas? With these gorgeous plants, your garden can be reminiscent of the wild and eclectic Nicki Minaj or the feminine Audrey Hepburn! The choice is yours.

For some drama like Nickie Minaj

If the unpredictable, wild and eccentric Nicki Minaj is your pop culture icon, the it is only natural that your landscape design Montclair NJ should have some theatrical, over-the-top and dramatic elements like the pop star. Here’s how:

• Gum Drop’ Echinacea – This cone flower has nothing modest about it. It has a few tiny pink petals and an eye-catching core that makes every landscape design Montclair NJ pop.

• Gator aloe – This tiny plant has an unusually bold pattern. But just like Nicki Minaj, we’ve come to learn that drama isn’t dependant on size.

• Techno Blue Iobelia – This plant has an intense blue shade and is almost hot, rather than cool.

• Little Shark agave – This spiny plant has a high drama and a perfect symmetry with black-outlined leaves.

For an infusion of femininity like Audrey Hepburn

For a touch of femininity into your landscape design Montclair NJ, just like the iconic Audrey Hepburn, these flowers will let you embrace your softer side.

v Sun Spun Yellow petunia – This flower is shaped like a bright yellow summery skirt.

v ‘Wendy’s Wish’ Salvia – With its dainty stems, pink petals and jewel-like buds, there’s nothing more feminine.

v ‘Fireworks’ fountain grass – This pink billowy grass dresses itself up further in tassels in the summer.

v ‘Dark Towers’ Penstemon – Baby pink flowers under which a reddish black foliage makes for a romantic pairing of sweet and radical.

For some Bollywood charm

Your garden could always use a bit of over-the-top, eye-popping Bollywood charm. Here’s how:

o ‘Flame Thrower’ Echinacea – This coneflower has a red center that looks just like an bindi adorning a woman’s forehead.

o ‘Lemon Fizz’ santolina – This lemony-yellow flower adds tons of eye-catching charm to your garden!

o Lunacy Orange marigold – There’s nothing more Bollywood than a marigold. The orange hue and strong aromatic scent makes it a great choice for your garden.

o ‘Belinda’s Find’ red hook sedge – This extravagant plant adds tons of twists and turns that is reminiscent of any Bollywood pot-boiler!