landscape design montville njThe one thing that city folk miss out on due to urbanization is having a sense of nature in their homes. Almost everyone who lives in an apartment in a city usually have just a potted plant that ties them to the natural world they miss out on. But with just a couple of very simple and strategic ideas on landscape design Montville NJ, you can create your very own haven in your urban, city home and watch the doors and boundaries vanish away, giving rise to green walls and lush landscape instead!

A Place of Calm

Even if you have a tiny space to call you own, you can make the most of it by creating an innovative landscape design Montville NJ. You must first begin by envisioning your space as sort of a serene sanctuary from the city. All the elements that you add there should have a rustic charm that will be able to transport you into nature as soon as you step in.

Other Ideas Proposed

If you have a patio space, it should feel like an extension of your family room. A few pivoting doors can work towards adding this effect for you. If you would like to block out the city view from around your patio, you can consider lining you fence with tall plants such as princess flower and angel’s trumpet, which adds a sort of a lush enclosure to your landscape design Montville NJ.

Something to Look Up To

Another marvelous and fantastic idea to explore is to create a garden in the sky. You can do this by covering one rooftop and the walls in waterproof vinyl, and attach a few modular cells which contain rooted succulents and, on the grasses, roof, lantana, yarrow, and ice plant. This will allow you to reclaim some of the lush greenery you thought you’d lose out on as you live in the city.

Harmony in Nature

If your patio runs the length of all the rooms in your apartment, add pivoting doors to all of them to create a sense of seamless, boundary-less space. Add a green faux-grass carpet to unify the outdoors and the indoors.

Create a living outdoor wall and a leady backdrop with modular cells and vine-covered fences. You can also expand your living space and create a fabulous landscape design Montville NJ by using materials such as flagstone, as its jagged edges creates an illusion of depth.