landscape design saddle river, njThere is a lot of information out there about landscape design Saddle River NJ, but there are also many myths about the process that often lead to many common landscaping mistakes. One of the biggest hurdles is sticking to salient and effective maintenance and landscaping methods, which many homeowners tend to ignore, and in the process, compromise on the quality of their landscape. Here are some of the most common landscape design mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1 – Believing that you are conserving water by watering your lawn in the evening
This mistake could lead to you losing out on a lot of money in the process. Many people believe that when they over-water their lawns, it makes the water ‘go further’. There is no truth to this. The excess water can sit on top of your lawn and lead to fungus build-up and the spread of disease. A stunning landscape design Saddle River NJ should allow for proper drainage of any extra water. And remember, most lawns only need .5″-1″ of water each week.

Mistake 2 – Believing that you can do without professional landscaping services

Many people think that since the field of landscape design Saddle River NJ lacks the technical skill requirements of things like plumbing. That is why they think that landscaping is something they can easily do themselves. It’s true that you can definitely mow your own lawn, or even plant a few shrubs, but the services of a professional landscaping company should not be dismissed. Landscape design Saddle River NJ requires carefully planning, skill and a foresight to be able to execute, which only a professional can do.

Mistake 3 – Thinking that all residential landscapes require a lawn

A grassless landscape design Saddle River NJ is not just an environmental choice, but in fact, a way to have a beautiful, scenic landscape. Most homeowners know this but choose to go with the more traditional belief that for their homes to look like they have been landscaped, they must have a lawn. The truth is that any combination of rocks, ornamental grass, rubber or natural mulch, shrubs, trees or gardens can cover your space and look pretty amazing while doing it!

There are many homeowners who are sold on the minimal time commitment and costs that are related to grassless lawns. There are several professional companies that offer landscape design Saddle River NJ, which precisely plan and install such types of lawns.