Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay outdoors after the sun has set, enjoying your home’s beautiful exteriors in the cool, night air?

Sure, there are ways around the darkness – flashlights, hurricane lanterns and candles can all light your way.  But what if you could just flip a switch and see your outdoor spaces illuminated with economical, environmentally sustainable landscape lighting?

With well-placed landscape lighting, your great outdoors becomes a night-time showpiece.  Your majestic trees are lit from beneath, with strategically placed lights.  The path to the gazebo illuminates your way to the rest you’re planning to take in the hammock there.  Your pool glows invitingly, tempting you and your family to take a night time dip.

We know landscape lighting.

At Creative Images Landscape, we know our way around a landscape and we know how to light it up to its best advantage, bringing your evenings the glow of low-voltage safety and beauty.  We’re creatives who design beautiful illumination for your outdoor areas, creating a night-time star that lights up your great outdoors with advanced lighting solutions.

From design to installation to maintenance, the experts at CI bring you the very best in landscape lighting for your endless summer nights.

State-of-the-art knowledge.

At CI, our creativity is matched with superior technical proficiency that offers you only the most advanced lighting systems and technologies available.

Low-voltage lighting is one of our specialities at Creative Images.  We believe in sustainable solutions which are durable and beautiful.  We create lighting which showcases your home at its most inviting and illuminates your outdoor areas.  The safety of your guests and family is also assured, as they enjoy the summer nights with you.

Sustainable.  Cost-effective.

We care about the environment here at CI, so we bring you earth-friendly, low-voltage lighting that’s also kind to your pocketbook.

Low-voltage lighting is an affordable addition to your outdoor landscaping and because it’s low-voltage, you save on electrical costs.  Deploying creatively-informed low-voltage lighting is well within reach when you work with CI.

Imagine helping to save the earth and your electrical bill at the same time.  Now imagine you get to do that with a beautifully illuminated outdoor space which tempts you to live outdoors 24/7.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Why wait?

If you’ve been lamenting going indoors once the sun sets, maybe it’s the year to extend your evenings with landscape lighting.  At Creative Images, we’re outdoor lighting professionals who’ve been bringing stylish, sustainable, affordable illumination to the homes of New Jersey for years.

Why close the screen door from inside the house with a heavy sigh, as you look out onto your darkened exterior environment?  While her days may be longer, summer is short.  Enjoy longer summer days. Light up the night with Creative Images.

Landscape lighting with CI is a collaborative experience that invites you to allow us to bring your vision to deftly illuminated life, realizing the dream of endless summer days.

Contact us.  It’s time to extend your evenings with landscape lighting from Creative Images Landscape.