If you’re thinking ahead to next spring, now’s the time to start visioning and dreaming about the type of landscape you want for your outdoor spaces.

There’s a lot more to it than choosing the right plants and putting them in the right places.  You’ve got big dreams which may include everything from an outdoor kitchen, to a new or extended patio, to the grandest plan of all – a pool.

Landscape planning – what to do and why – is being offered in the service of your outdoor living dreams.  At Creative Images Landscape, it’s what we do.  We create stunning outdoor spaces that speak to your vision and lifestyle, to create of your personal oasis a genuine paradise.

Your Outdoor Vision Realized

An experienced landscape planner and designer can take your ideas and build them into a solid, viable vision.  You may dream of having an outdoor kitchen, but aren’t sure where to start, or if your existing spaces can accommodate something so complex.

But we’ve installed so many outdoor kitchens it’s second nature to us.

Outdoor lighting is another of our specialties, with low-voltage lighting that illuminates your warm weather nights and extends the day to make it even longer – and sweeter.

Your outdoor vision is realized with the creativity and technical proficiency required to build your outdoor living dream.

But at CI Landscape, we’re specialists in local plants and we know where they’re going to do best.  We’ll even guarantee their performance for up to 6 months.  If they’re not doing what they’re supposed to, we’ll replace them.

Doing It Right the First Time

Whether you’ve been in your home for years, or you’ve just moved into a home with untouched outdoor spaces, CI brings focused expertise to ensure you do it right the first time.

Your established landscaping can be transformed with CI’s professionalism in your corner.  We know where your pool is going to be at its most attractive, balanced and advantageous.  We understand what you want from an outdoor kitchen, so we install to ensure its optimum functionality and practicality.

Landscape planning is an art in the hands of people who work closely with you to create what you’ve been dreaming of.  With sound technical expertise and a creative eye, we landscape to ensure you and your family’s enjoyment for many happy years to come.

Integrated Solutions

Your home is your favorite place on earth and its exteriors should honor that and echo the character and unique qualities of your retreat from the world.

Whether it’s a sprawling mid-century rancher, or a demur colonial reproduction, CI brings you the practiced eye that integrates your exteriors with your home and its one-of-a-kind style.  Seamless, integrated solutions are what we’re all about.

Plan Your Dream with CI Landscape

Your dream is in good hands with the landscape professionals at Creative Images.  Whatever shape your vision takes, we mold it into the ideal interpretation to complement your home, add to its value and increase your outdoor living pleasure.

Ready to start planning?  Contact us.