landscaping ideas montville njIf you have a dog, you are probably looking for landscaping ideas Montville NJ to turn your garden pet-friendly. Different dogs have different kinds of personalities and your garden needs to be designed in a way so that these particular personality traits are best accommodated. There are many elements that a dog-friendly garden could have such as comfy mulch, a running track, sensible plants, border control, and some driftwood for a marking post. Here are some of the best landscaping ideas Montville NJ for your pet-friendly garden.

Create a shady retreat

Canines love a good soak in the sun, so make sure you have a patch of lawn or a deck where they can sunbathe.

Dogs tend to overheat very quickly, so don’t forget to provide them with a shady area where they can retreat to when they’re too hot.

Design paths for them to patrol and run around

Your landscaping ideas Montville NJ should provide enough paths for your pup to exercise and to patrol your property. This path should ideally be created a couple of feet around your fence. If your dogs already have paths that they use through your garden, avoid redirecting them, but instead, turn those routes into proper pathways. Usually a 3-foot wide clearance should do it.

Allow them to have proper shelter

Your dogs will happily share pergolas, arbors and other shady structures with you, but most prefer their own space, like a doghouse.

Keep them safe

If you pup has a tendency to explore outside of your property, you might need to install an underground barrier made form chicken wire, rebar or poured concrete to keep them from tunneling under your fence.

Give them access to water

Make sure your landscaping ideas Montville NJ involve a lot of little water bodies all around your garden, such as cool ponds, in which your pups can splash around.

Make them a dining area

If you’d like your dog to eat in the garden as well, create something like a raised dining area. This raised platform is fantastic for keeping your garden clean.

Create a dedicated vantage point replete with greenery

Pups love to watch the world go by and what better way to let them do that, than to create somewhat of a rocky perch? Make sure the plants you use in your garden are dog-friendly like ornamental grasses and romp-proof shrubs, which your pup can play in.