landscaping ideas pompton plains njIf you are a pet-parent and have a backyard that your pup plays in, chances are that your backyard is a muddy mess. That is why your landscaping ideas Pompton Plains NJ should ideally revolve around having the most wear-resistant lawn that you can possibly have. You can help mitigate damage to your lawn by flooding the areas where your dog urinates.

This is only effective though, if you water the area immediately after the act, which as we all know, is not always possible. So here are a few landscaping ideas Pompton Plains NJ that will save your backyard and leave you with a happy, playful pup.

Add mulch to prevent soil from turning into mud

One of the best landscaping ideas Pompton Plains NJ is to add mulch to your lawn. This prevents the soil from turning into mud. The only thing is that you have to keep replenishing it on a regular basis. The mulch will help your plants stay hydrated in the summer and will also protect them from frozen soil in the winter. It will still be possible for your dog to play in the yard. A stone mulch made form river pebbles or decomposed granite or organic mulch from shredded bark is the way to go.

Reduce open space

To prevent your yard from being a muddy mess, shrink the area that is available to your dog for digging up. You can plant ornamental grasses easy-care shrubs to reduce the amount of grass and open space in your yard. These plants are resistant to the damage that dogs cause. For this, you need to move the edges of your lawn in and make the planting beds wider. You could also plant sturdy hedging around the edges of your lawn.

Create special places just for them

If you have non-permeable surfaces especially for your dog to play in, it will reduce the mud in your backyard. Your dog can attain adequate exercise from paths made with wooden planks or rubber slabs to flagstones. Make them a large perch where your pup can sit on and patrol the area.

Have dense plants

Planting dense shrubs are one of the most effective landscaping ideas Pompton Plains NJ to keep your backyard free from being dug up by your dog. Densely planted areas work well in keeping your dog out of the area.