landscaping ideas ramsey njThere are many marvelous landscaping ideas Ramsey NJ that can turn even a small backyard with a deck into a wonderful outdoor space for your friends and family. Your deck should include planters and potted plants so that you can integrate the surrounding landscape with the structure. The trick is to not cram too many features into your small back yard. Here are some amazing and majestic landscaping ideas Ramsey NJ that will complement a small backyard

Map Existing Features

You can play with different landscaping ideas Ramsey NJ and possibilities by creating a scald map of your backyard. Measure the fence lines, the edges of your house, the deck’s sides, the distance between plants, and all other features which your new landscape will contain.

Choose a Theme

After you have explored your landscaping ideas Ramsey NJ, your next move should be to choose a theme.

If you have a symmetrical deck design, it is best complemented by a formal garden layout with garden beds and linear paths radiating from a distinct circular focal point in the center. If the design of your deck and your home has an aesthetic motif, incorporate it as a theme in the landscaping as well. Modernist, Asian, rustic and classical architectural forms all have a corresponding landscape style that you can explore.

Experiment with Design Ideas

The corners of your backyard should be filled with somewhat large specimen plants to soften and round and soften the sharp angles. Use an arbor, a water feature such as a bench or a birdbath as a focal point which directs the line of sight from the deck to the corners of your yard. Whether you have a patio with a fire pit in the middle, a flowerbed or a small yard, keep the center area open. You can use low-growing foundation plants to screen the space between the ground and the deck surface. You can also have flowering near the deck. If you are choosing trees for your small backyard, plant those that don’t grow more than 30 feet in height to avoid overwhelming the space.

Execute the Plan

One of the most effective ways to execute your plan is to break up the process into phases, and divide the labor and expenses according to those phases. Hardscape features like walkways, patios, sheds, and so on should be installed first, planting should be done in spring or fall, and irrigation systems should be set up simultaneously.