landscaping ideas saddle river njIf you have several muddy patches in your yard, one of the best landscaping ideas Saddle River NJ is to grow grass to cover it up. Too much water can prevent the grass from growing and staying healthy and may even kill it. You should do a little work to improve the soil draining in your yard before you plant your grass, seed your lawn or lay sod in your wet areas.

Improving soil drainage

If your yard is very muddy or has muddy areas after a heavy rain shower, first allow it to dry out before you work on the soil and plant more grass. Tilling a yard when it is wet might not be one of the best landscaping ideas Saddle River NJ, because it makes the soil more compacted and causes even more mud in the future.

Wait for the dry weather to set in, when the ground is no longer soggy. Till the ground, add some manure or compost and till it again. Organic materials like these improve aeration and drainage.

Create a rain garden

Other landscaping ideas Saddle River NJ to reduce mud in a yard is to divert the flow of water towards a specific area and away from most of the yard. You can do this by digging out a shallow area next to or around the future grassy area to encourage the water to flow into the depression from the higher part of the yard. Water-loving plants can then be planted in the wetter, lower portion of the yard and grass can be planted in the drier area.

Set up a French drain

A sub-soil, shallow trench that redirects the flow of water in a yard is called a French drain. This installation works well if you have an area of your yard that tends to get overly muddy. When you build a French drain that runs towards a pond, garden r drainage ditch, you are reducing the amount of moisture in the area. The grass that you plant will grow more easily.

Choose the right grass

To prevent your yard from having mud problems, one of the best landscaping ideas Saddle River NJ is to choose a healthy variety of grass that has strong roots, which prevents excess mud and runoffs. The grass that you choose should grow easily in the local climate. Your irrigation system also plays a big role in preventing problems with mud.