Congratulations, new homeowner!  You’re excited about a new chapter in your life and fresh horizons opening before you.

And one of the most crucial horizons which is about to open is that of assessing your home’s landscaping needs.

Look out the window.  That’s a blank canvas, languishing for some tender, loving care.  Your home’s landscape is important.  It’s what people see when they drive or walk by.  Landscaping is curb appeal incarnate, so getting on top of it from the start of your new adventure is a priority.

We’d like to offer our readers some landscaping tips for a new home in this post.  We hope they’ll usher in a wonderful era in your life – one lived in a stunning home that tells the world who you are.

What’s the Plan?

You purchased your new home because it checked off all the right lifestyle boxes.  Your exteriors serve that lifestyle, so planning for them to accommodate your outdoor living dreams is key.

If you dream of entertaining guests on the patio on starlit, summer evenings, then a deck may be what you need.  Maybe you have kids and want a dedicated play area.  A pool may even be in the stars, depending on your budget.

Matching your lifestyle imperatives to the available space is the first step toward creating a personal retreat from the world.

Dollars and Cents

Many new homeowners factor in the cost of landscaping when they purchase.  Sometimes, though, plans need to be scaled to budgetary realities (even if you’ve set aside the funds).

Do your homework.  Test your plans against the going rate for all the services involved with local landscaping professionals, like CI Landscape.  We’ll be at your door in a flash with a transparent, reasonable quote that provides a clear picture of the possible.

And whatever you do, avoid cowboys promising miracles for pennies.  Those miracles rarely materialize and sometimes, they grow into nightmares you could have avoided by choosing a professional company like CI.

Working In Stages

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your landscaping vision materialize overnight.  What’s important here is that you approach the project as a long-term endeavor, with clear stages of development.

Approaching the needs of the front of the house is a good place to start, choosing appropriate plants and trees and establishing a plan for achieving the look you want.  Then, you can move on to the “dream phase” – that deck we were talking about, or the play area, or even the pool.

Working in stages approaches landscaping from the basics up to the amenities in a logical progression.  Adding trees early means they get a chance to offer you the shade you desire sooner than later.

CI Landscape

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We do it all because we want our customers to enjoy a reliable, full-service resource that brings their outdoor areas only the best.

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