If you’re dreaming of having an outdoor kitchen, you’re certainly not alone.  Many people are sharing that dream.  Installing an outdoor kitchen is the second most popular home improvement project in the USA today, topped only by updating indoor kitchens.

The kitchen being the heart of the home, that makes sense.

But taking your kitchen act into the backyard is a project which takes planning and careful thought.  Here’s what you need to know about outdoor kitchens, to get the best results.

The components.

The most important component is, of course, the place you’re going to cook the food.  For the outdoor kitchen, that’ll be a gas-fired grill.  Some people like a wood-fired oven, also.  You’ll need plentiful counter space in your kitchen for family and friends to gather around and help with food preparation.  That’s part of the fun!

In addition, outdoor kitchens require a sink for washing vegetables and fruit (and your hands) and of course, water for cooking.

It’s also a great idea to install a small refrigerator for ice (for those summer cocktails) and perishable items like burgers, hot dogs and steaks for the grill.

Outdoor outlets are also an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen, as you’ll need a place to plug in the blender, the hand mixer and other culinary helpers.


Choosing the right spot for your kitchen is another consideration you should give some thought to.  Look at your outdoor space.  Where do you picture your outdoor kitchen being?  Is there sufficient shade?  Or are you planning a sheltered kitchen, in a gazebo or similar structure?

When the summer sun is shining down on you, you may love it, but will you love it when you’re slaving over a hot grill?  Doubtful.  You’ll need to find the right place, with sufficient room and access for electrical and other needs.


No matter where you are, this is going to be an issue.  Before you even think about preparing the site for your outdoor kitchen, you need to know about local regulatory regimes and whether what you’re planning is permissible for your property’s zoning.

Proceeding prior to having this information can be the source of broken outdoor kitchen dreams, wasted time and wasted money.

Call Creative Image Landscape.

We’re sure there are people out there who have what it takes to install an outdoor kitchen.  But there’s a lot to consider.  It’s not as easy as building a brick surround for your grill.  There’s wiring to be considered and that permitting thing?  When you call on CI, we take care of all that.

Creative Images has been designing and installing outdoor kitchens for New Jersey homes for many years.  We’re known regionally for creating exceptionally fine and imminently functional outdoor kitchens that do homeowners proud.

If you’re dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, but sense that you may need some professional support to make it happen, we’re here.  Contact us to find out how Creative Images Landscape can make your outdoor kitchen dreams come to life.