Even in this “housing bubble” we’re currently in, adding outdoor landscape lighting to your property can not only increase its value in the marketplace, but make your home a more inviting place. There are as many different kinds and combinations of outdoor lights to choose from, with the only limitation being yours or your landscape architect’s imagination! Fewer upgrades are as simple and cost effective to make while transforming your home from having a bland, run of the mill exterior to a resort like feel!

Outdoor Lighting for Mood and Effect
here are about a million different reasons to add patio lights or outdoor landscape lighting to your home, but nothing as obvious as the way it completely changes the feel of your property. There are several different popular techniques used by the best landscape architects, and depending upon the shape, size, and terrain of your property, any or all of them can come into play when you’re upgrading the exterior of your home.

Area Lighting
sually used to light up a large area, area lighting is best used when trying to draw the eye to a piece of the property, or lighting a popular or frequently used space like with patio lights. Most likely built using flood lights, these outdoor lights pump out a lot of light, and you probably wouldn’t use them to necessarily determine the mood – these are definitely for the more active areas of your property.

Path Lights
You’ve no doubt seen path lights before – they’re usually smaller low to the ground lights that are used to mark path and walkways. These outdoor lights are much softer, and are therefore able to impart more of a moody feel. They are perfect for lighting just the right path when you’re feeling a bit romantic, and are also great for guests, late night parties and entertaining.

House Lighting
This is another form of outdoor lighting, even though instead of lighting the landscape you’re actually lighting the house. While you can use house lighting for security and safety purposes (like motion detectors in front of the garage, or overhead lights above the doors), you can also install more subtle lighting under awnings and fascia to create an interesting glow kind of effect. When it comes to lighting your yard or home, your landscape architect is going to be able to help you choose the right outdoor landscape lighting and outdoor lights.

Whether you’re just looking for patio lighting to help you see better while entertaining, or want to completely revitalize the look of your property, outdoor lighting is a tremendous (and cost effective) way to take care of either option!