Scale and size are important considerations when planning outdoor landscape features.  What looks fantastic in your neighbor’s backyard may not work in yours.

It may even look out of place, or jarring.

We’ve all seen it at other people’s homes – out-of-proportion decks which dwarf the furniture on them, or decks too small for the furniture and the guests enjoying it.  Fountains worthy of Roman piazzas and gazebos which challenge the size of the property, are other popular boo-boos.

Sometimes sticking a large feature in the middle of your yard may seem convenient and logistically easy, but time will tell you you’ve done the wrong thing.

Avoiding these classic errors is the point of these 3 tips for optimal placement and size of outdoor landscape features.

1. Take it all in.

Starting from your home’s entrance to your outdoor space, look around you and consider how placing outdoor features may affect the transition between your indoors and your outdoors.  It’s not as scientific as feng shui, perhaps, but your perceptions as the homeowner should inform your decision.

How will your projected installation look as you’re moving into the yard?  Is it convenient? Does it beckon from indoors?  The transitional aspects of outdoor landscape features matter, because your outdoor areas are an extension of your home.  They should “feel” that way.

2. Do a walkabout.

Walk around your property with an eye to indoor-outdoor convenience.  If you’re planning an outdoor kitchen, for example, is it located near a conduit to your indoor kitchen?  How will the outdoor dining patio you’re planning look directly in front of the indoor dining room window?

Walking around your home’s exteriors to consider placement in relationship to the house itself is an informative exercise.  While convenience may factor into your plans, it may also come back to haunt you, once that convenience becomes a snag in your outdoor living plans.

3. Harmony.

Of the 3 tips for optimal placement and size of outdoor landscape features, harmonious design is the most important.  It’s what should result from the preceding 2 tips, as you’ll have become more aware of the effect of placement and size.

Whatever you do outside your home speaks to its interiors.  Are they in harmony with one another?  You may want an expansive dining patio, with an outdoor kitchen attached, but how does it harmonize with your home’s existing features?

Central to the idea of harmony in your indoor-outdoor spaces is your lifestyle.  If your plans are geared to your lifestyle, yet seemingly out of scale to it, then re-visioning is surely in order.

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The landscape design pros.

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