We regret to inform you that summer is coming to an end.

(Insert chorus of “boos”).

And what that means is that it’s time to prepare your outdoor kitchens and patios for their fall/winter sleep.  As the last wisps of smoke rise from the BBQ and the last deck chair is tucked away in storage, we turn our thoughts to securing our outdoor living paradise for the inclement weather we know is coming.

So, this post is a little wistful.  It’s about outdoor kitchens and patios – that time of year (that least welcome time of year for many of us).  Let’s see what there is to do.

Your Outdoor Kitchen

A prized and beloved amenity, your outdoor kitchen needs a little TLC to defend it from winter’s rigors.  One of the most important things you’ll need to do is to get your plumbing ready before the first frost.

If your pipes freeze with water in them, they can burst, causing all manner of unnecessary heartache, including flooding and hefty plumbing bills.

Shut off the valve to your outdoor kitchen, then flush the pipes.  It never hurts to have a professional like CI Landscape come over to get this done, to ensure all water has been drained.

And before you hermetically seal your grill, use a de-greaser to get off all that summer cooking, then scrub the grills clean.

Season your cooking surfaces with oil, then heat your BBQ to 500 degrees for just under a half hour.  If you don’t plan on using the grill over the cold months, turn off the gas line.

Don’t forget to winterize the fridge/ice maker by turning off the circuits in your electrical panel, or simply unplugging.  You’re then ready to give everything a good clean.  When you’re done, you shouldn’t cover your fridge, as moisture can accumulate in it over the winter.

Your Patio

All furniture or gardening tools usually kept outdoors should be cleaned and stored before winter mildew, mold and rust can have their way with them.

Now’s the time to power wash your patio or deck, to get rid of summer debris that can be a pain, come spring.  If you’ve got a fire pit you plan on using for the fall months, clean it now.  Secure it before the snow comes to prevent rust.

CI Landscape

Creative Images Landscape is your comprehensive outdoor living resource, bringing you artistically-inspired landscape design and architecture.

From fire pits to gazebos, to patios and outdoor kitchens, we bring you all you need to keep your private oasis looking its best.

Need support to prepare your outdoor spaces for the coming cold weather?  A call to Creative Images gets you a decade and a half’s experience creating, maintaining and securing them to ensure they’ll be serving you for many years to come.

Our industry-leading 10-Star Guarantee brings you a professional promise that covers everything we do, down to our uniformed crews.

No one’s ever truly ready to bid summer adieu but CI makes it less tearful.