You’re a proud homeowner.  It may be your first home, recently purchased, or you may have lived in it for years and only now, have time and resources to create an outdoor oasis that’s all yours.  Entertaining and family gatherings are on your mind but making the most of your home and its outdoor areas is important too.  You’re adding value.

This blog is a brief planning guide:  creating your perfect outdoor living space and steps to take along the way.  While you’re dreaming, some structure to give those dreams the best possible face is always in order.

Visualizing Paradise

They say that if you can visualize yourself doing something, you’ll be able to do it.  And visualizing is a more focused way of dreaming, so that’s your step one on the way to your perfect outdoor living space.

Your visualization process starts at the window to the outdoor space you’re planning to transform.  What do you see?  What would you like to see?  How will these features harmonize with existing ones?

Next, go outside and take a tour of your space, regarding it from a variety of angles and taking stock of plants in the immediate area.  How will your vision impact the existing eco-system and relate to it?  Does it add beauty or detract from what’s there now?  Can you re-locate these plants if they’re not working with your plans?

Avoid Overload

To avoid stretching yourself and your budget too thin, take your plans and break them up into sections.  Whatever your final plans are, knock off the bullet points methodically.  Vision takes time to materially manifest, so take your time and get it right.

Taking on your great outdoors is a process, not a push-button endeavor.

It’s a Garden, Not a Theme Park

Small children and dogs aside, the yard is a place for everyone.  And children grow and dogs grow old.  So, include everyone in the fun but remember that temporary solutions geared to childhood and canine enjoyment allow for change in the future.

Do you really want to be pulling up the pilings of a swing set that hasn’t been used for 15 years? And as for that dog house – shouldn’t your dog be sleeping indoors?

Avoid specific themes, also.  Focus instead on selecting the right mix of plants, flowers and shrubs for your yard and its unique environment.  Be aware of placement (sun/shade) and the plant’s track record in our region.  Choose native plants, wherever you can.

Choose what’s going to be happy in your garden.

And if you’re not sure, your landscaping and horticultural experts at CI Landscape can help.

Expert Support with CI

We’re not all born knowing everything, so sometimes a little expert support can go a long way.

At Creative Images Landscape, we support homeowners by helping them create their perfect outdoor living spaces.  We bring expertise in all aspects of landscape work, including low-wattage lighting and snow and ice removal.

Make your outdoor living dreams come true with the pros at Creative Images.