Pond and waterfall features are a stunning complement to any outdoor environment.  The calm, still waters of a koi pond, a stone bench at its tranquil edge, can create the meditative serenity only water can provide.  Waterfalls add an element of surprise and delight, with the sound of falling water creating a comforting sense of refreshment.

Pond and waterfall design can be a beautiful enhancement for your home or business’s outdoor environment.  It adds a lyrical quality to the back yard, or refreshes an otherwise sterile urban space for an office building or retail outlet.

Water is an element which calms and soothes.  When integrated into an outdoor landscape with creativity, pond and waterfall design brings beauty, pleasant sound and movement to otherwise static spaces in Montville, New Jersey.

Pond and waterfall design expertise.

For many years, Creative Images Landscape has been offering clients outstanding pond and waterfall design in Montville, New Jersey. Over those years, we’ve developed a unique appreciation of the role of water in an integrated, effectively created outdoor space.

We tailor all the ponds and waterfalls we design to their unique settings, ensuring that they complement and extend the character of the buildings they’re intended to enhance.  We incorporate pond and waterfall design into the aesthetic character of homes and businesses, speaking to your vision and enhancing your property’s architectural qualities.

Technical excellence meets creative innovation at CI, where we provide pond and waterfall design expertise that’s a cut above our competition in Montville, New Jersey.

Maintenance and service.

We don’t forget about you once your pond or waterfall is designed and installed.  We’re here in the Montville, New Jersey community to provide expert, timely maintenance once our job is done.

We take pride in our work.  We believe in what we do.   Because of that, we continue to serve you following your project’s completion to keep your outdoor space looking great.

Creative Images employs only skilled professionals who create pond and waterfall design that takes outdoor environments to another level.   Our creations are our business’s stamp on the Montville, New Jersey community.  It matters to us that the work we bring our clients is maintained and professionally serviced to keep our designs looking and functioning their very best.

Quality you can count on.

Our company’s 10-Star Guarantee raises the bar in the landscape design field.   Courteous, uniformed crews are professional and respectful when they arrive at your site.  Our daily inspections keep your project on schedule and ensure the highest quality work.

Our work isn’t done until our customers are satisfied with everything about it.  We demand total client satisfaction in all we do.  That’s the foundation of our stellar reputation in Montville, New Jersey and a tradition worth defending.

Only the best.

Contact us, if you’re looking for exceptional pond and waterfall design in Montville, New Jersey.  CI brings excellence to water feature design, enhancing your property with the natural beauty of this attractive element.