Pool Landscaping Montclair NJDeciding on the shape of your pool can be one of the biggest factors in pool landscaping Montclair NJ. There are many poignant options for homeowners to choose from, so it is a big help to speed up the decision-making by getting a basic idea of what you want. When you know how big or small your swimming pool can be, you are sure to find a design that will meet your needs and complement your space.

There are certain designs in pool landscaping Montclair NJ that tend to complement your surrounding structures and landscapes better. The pool should complement your home’s architecture if it is placed close to your home. These pools have more formal lines which fit in with the silhouette of your home, such as oval or rectangular shapes. If your pool landscaping Montclair NJ is going to be placed further out in your yard, it can take on a shape that blends with the landscaping better and looks more natural.

Here are some of the most common pool shapes to consider:

Rectangular Pools

Pools that are geometrically shaped tend to be more formal in nature. The most commonly shaped pool landscaping Montclair NJ was the rectangle pool. The narrow, straight and long design is fantastic for swimming laps. To tone down the formality and severity, you can choose a rectangle pool with rounded corners.

Freeform Pool

Any curvilinear shape except for circles or other rounded geometrical patterns can be taken on by a freeform pool. A kidney shaped pool is sometimes also considered a free-form pool. But this type of pool has become more standard over the last few years. A freeform design pool does not adhere to a typical pool design pattern. It is designed to blend in with the elements on nature and is chosen to incorporate landscaping elements like providing inlets into the pool area for shrubbery and palm trees.

Kidney Shaped Pool

The kidney shaped pool is a very popular choice as it can be installed in just about any backyard space. This type of pool looks more natural since it doesn’t have the crisp lines of a geometric-type pool. It also has a natural shallow and deep end for swimmers. Some homeowners even add a spa in the indented area or greenery and shrubbery.

L-Shaped Pool

This category of pool is considered a natural extension of the typical rectangular pool and is fantastic for those people who like to exercise or train by swimming laps.