Pool Landscaping Pompton Plains NJYour pool landscaping Pompton Plains NJ is truly complemented with beautiful trees, shrubbery, and plants. These natural elements really bring out the best in the areas around your pool and give it a rustic, outdoorsy touch. The task of pool landscaping Pompton Plains NJ has many challenges that should be addressed before you begin.

The plants that you choose to be part of your landscaping should be lush and colorful in order to be able to create the look of a stunning oasis. It is also important that these surrounding plants and trees don’t shed their leaves or other litter too easily which could land up in your pool water. You don’t want to spend much of your time by your pool fishing out leaves and other gunk.

The plants you choose for your pool landscaping Pompton Plains NJ should be:

o Clean – This means that they shouldn’t shed too many leaves or seed heads into water.

o Luxuriant – They should be lush and colorful and make your pool landscaping Pompton Plains NJ look like an oasis.

Here are some of the best plant varieties that are both wonderful to look at and litter-free to give you a fabulous pool landscape.

ß Queen Palm – These trees provide light shade and sway gently in the breeze.

ß Papyrus – These are a gorgeous background plant, have green pom-poms and long stems

ß Bird of Paradise – The flower of this plant has a vibrant flower that resembles a bird in flight. It has large, broad leaves.

ß Fortnight Lily – This is a perennial with blue, yellow, or white blooms.

ß Hibiscus – This classic plant is associated to Hawaii and has pink, white, orange, red, yellow or purple flowers.

ß Day Lily – This low-maintenance perennial plant has colourful flowers which last 24 hours.

ß Heavenly Bamboo – This plant isn’t a bamboo per se, but is a non-invasive rusty red plant that makes a good screen or background.

ß Apaganthus – This plant resembles a firework with dark blue to white blooms.

ß Golden Euonymus – This plant has yellow foliage which brightens up plantings.

The relaxing ambience of your pool landscaping Pompton Plains NJ will be enhanced by planting a tropical plant palette with vividly coloured flowers. There are other plant varieties that you should consider too, which have interesting foliage that provides much needed foliage and texture to incorporate other design themes.