Pool Landscaping Ramsey NJYour pool is an important component of the whole backyard where the landscape provides the perfect setting. You should think of your pool landscaping Ramsey NJ as a frame for your new pool that enhance the design and solves problems at the same time. Here are some important elements that your pool landscaping Ramsey NJ should comprise.


When it comes to rocks in pool landscaping Ramsey NJ, they can be of either natural or artificial stone. Natural stone needs to be hauled and set on site and can be an expensive proposition due to its sheer weight. Artificial pool boulders are becoming more popular in today’s day and age as they are more flexible, adaptable, and come in many varieties. Your pool landscaping Ramsey NJ should be designed keeping the type of rock in mind so that it acts as a solid foliage background for high contrast and gives it a realistic appearance.

Water features

Your swimming pool can transform into a lovely fountain with the help of just the sight and sound of falling water. Waterfalls are usually part of naturalistic rock pools, but there are other more contemporary versions to consider too. The water feature of your pool landscaping Ramsey NJ should ideally be visible from both the indoor and outdoor living spaces of your property.


A space in your pool landscaping Ramsey NJ serves both a health and recreational purpose. Plant a screen or build some fences for privacy and to create a relaxing environment. Your spa design depends hugely on how the area is designed. Your spa is more of a passive space, as opposed to your active pool space.


Your budget is what defines how much you can push the limits of your hardscape options. The overall design of your pool landscaping Ramsey NJ and your individual lifestyle should determine what you should be building around your pool. These elements should share similar materials and color to integrate with the rest of the landscape. Try to establish a strong materials palette based on your architecture and follow it throughout your project.


The design of a shade structures relates to the overall palette of the yard and the style of your house. It can be freestanding within the landscape or attached to the house itself. The shade may be sheltered under a solid roof structure like a gazebo, or could also be filtering light through a vine shrouded arbor.