Pool Landscaping Saddle River NJAn in-ground spa can truly add charm to your pool landscaping Saddle River NJ. It can be used year round and can either be a private relaxation environment or an active party space. A spa can be sterling and fabulous for someone who has medical issues too and can be one of the most versatile features of your pool landscaping Saddle River NJ. Here are some of the most common in-ground spas.

Gunite Spas

Gunite spas are just like pools but smaller that became a popular feature in the 1970s and continues to be popular even today. A gunite spa can be installed s a standalone element or can be integrated into a larger swimming pool filtration and heating systems can be shared. This is the most expensive type of spa where pool landscaping Saddle River NJ in concerned.

Fiberglass Spas

The recreational and health benefits of a spa have become more affordable now with fibreglass. A readymade fibreglass spa shell costs much less as compared to a gunite pool. Fibreglass has a smooth surface area that is easy to clean. It comes in many different colors, shapes, sizes, jet options, and other features. A fibreglass spa may not technically be in-ground, as it is may be set into a wood deck to resolve underground conditions such as high water table or bedrock or for uneven sites.


Spas today are still undergoing a change. Smaller homeowners want a combination of a spa and a pool called a spool. Most people seem to be opting for a smaller pool and a larger spa, where pool landscaping Saddle River NJ is concerned. A spool is a basically a large spa that can accommodate up to ten people. Since the amount of water in a spool is smaller than that of the pool, it doesn’t require as much time or energy to heat it. A spool can remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Swim Spa

With a swim spa, a person can swim distances without needing a big pool. It is a rectangular spa with water flow from one end. You can change the flow rates with the simple twist of a knob. A swim spa can offer those people who need physical therapy and exercise, the benefit of a big pool in a much smaller space.