Pool Landscaping Wayne NJPool landscaping Wayne NJ can make a major difference to the aesthetics of you pool and overall looks of your house. There are many ideas for enhancing the looks of your pool, but you need a professional company to plan the right pool landscaping, which will be safe and blend nicely with the architecture and design of your house. Many aspects of pool landscaping will have little to do with the swimming pool, but to do with aspects that can enhance the surrounding area.

How about a Gazebo

Pool landscaping Wayne NJ can build a beautiful gazebo by the side of your pool. The gazebo is an excellent landscaping structure that not only adds beauty, but also provides enough and an amazing space to entertain guests. A closed gazebo is also an excellent place to change or simply relax when you are not swimming. Since it is right next to the swimming pool, it is easily accessible, and you do not have to keep entering the house, and walk around with wet feet.

Should You have a Fence?

Proper fencing around the swimming pool is necessary when you consider privacy and safety. Especially, when you have small kids and pets, you can lock the fenced pool area, to prevent their entry. A fence is also marvelous option when you want privacy. Pool landscaping Wayne NJ can suggest various ideas for fencing such as boards in overlapping, tongue and groove, or shadow box patterns. There are also different design options such as basket weave or lattice designs, when you want your fence to provide semi-privacy and let light and air pass through.

Choice of Plants and Trees

Pool landscaping Wayne NJ can suggest some of the best plants suited for surrounding your swimming pool.

It is best to opt for plants and trees that do not require much caring, and are low maintenance. When you want to avoid the task of fishing out petals and leaves from your pool, choose broad leaf evergreens such as holly. The other plants that are best suited for pool landscaping include Aucuba, Aspidistra, Elephant Ears, Palm trees, Cyprus, and even banana trees.

Some of the worst type of trees around a swimming pool would be pine and oaks that drop leaves, acorns, and needles. If you are considering flowering plants, avoid putting them directly in the ground. Instead, plant them in pots so that you can take them indoors during the cold season or when terrible weather ensues.