For every region in the world, there are different habitats that support a variety of vegetation, so the landscape design used in a state such as New Jersey would consist of something different than what you would find in a drier, western state. New Jerseys climate ranges from hot and humid in the summer months while in the winter the weather can turn cold and brisk. At the higher elevations, the temperature can drop down even further than the southern part of the state so customers want to make sure that when purchasing their greenery, they get trees and shrubs that can withstand a cold winter when wrapped up for the season.

Some of the best choices in this area would be; shade trees, evergreen trees and shrubs, maples trees, cypress trees, blue spruce, pine hemlock and cedar. Ornamental grasses are a great way to make the landscaping unique and to make certain sparser areas seem full due to their height and girth. All types of vegetation are planted with topsoil but the type and amount depends on the type of plants being placed in the landscaped area.

Another aspect of landscape design is the architecture involved in creating a dream layout for the homeowners to cherish for years to come. The architecture will fit the wants and needs of the homeowner who will have their own ideas about what fits their style and design structure. If a yard has already had landscaping done to it but it does not fit the style of the current owner, renovations can be done in order to meet the needs of the people residing there at the present time.

If the homeowner has a swimming pool or is getting one installed then the landscape design surrounding that particular area will be different from what is seen at the front of the home. Patio stones can be used as a non slip way of surrounding the pool area as well as giving it a clean, fresh look and can then be extended out creating another area where a table and chairs can be placed for socializing.

Every home is as different as those residing inside of it so, personalities shine through the exterior of the home giving the first impression of what the homeowners are like. All tastes are different and must be given the opportunity to show the diversity of plants and architecture involved in a great landscaping theme.

Landscape design is something that everyone takes pride in whether they do it themselves or hire a professional to do it for them. Creative Images has been providing residential & commercial landscape design services in the North Jersey area for over 20 years. Give us a call today and let us create that unique outdoor living space.