It’s amazing what a huge difference a few simple tweaks can make to your outdoor spaces.  You don’t have to move a mountain to improve their appearance, either.

This post shares some simple landscape projects that make a big difference to the look of your home.

Tidy Up

It’s an obvious one, alright!  We’re willing to bet you tidy your yard regularly, but you may be overlooking some easy hacks that can make all the difference.

Trimming and sprucing up your trees and shrubs is a good place to start.  If you’re not trimming shrubs often enough, they can lose their shape.  When they’re trimmed, they look neater and more defined.

The same is true of your trees.  It’s also a good safety measure to have in place, as wind, heavy snow and ice can take loose branches down.

Plan for Vibrant Color

Green’s a beautiful, vibrant color, but when everything is green except the mulch and tree bark, it can get a little tedious.  That’s what flowers are for!

And if you’re hoping for flowers in the spring, now’s the time to get those bulbs in the ground.

Before choosing your flowers, you’ll want to stake out the right place to plant them.  You’ll also need to know how the flowers you’ve chosen are going to adapt to the environment.  Doing your homework helps you make hardy choices which aren’t going to let you down.

Be sure to mix in perennials with your annuals.  You’ll want a constant as a backdrop for your superstars.

The Role of White

White flowers play a special role in gardens.  The color white reflects light like no other, so be sure to include it in your flower selections.

With white flowers, you’ll also enjoy a little evening glow so you’ll can admire your garden even after the sun sets.

Ground Cover

As with your flowers, choose a ground cover which will work well in its environment.  Easy to add to your garden, the right ground cover will be around for a long time, adding texture, visual interest and depth to your plant displays.

There are many ground covers to choose from, but a flowering one adds even more color.  Combined with the texture and lushness, that makes adding ground cover the ideal garden tweak!

Freshen That Mulch

Mulch that’s been in your beds for a while can start looking a little sad.  That’s why it’s important to add fresh mulch.  It gives the look of your garden a real boost.

But mulch does a lot more than sit there and look good.  It serves to retain the moisture your plants need, as well as discouraging weeds.  Just remember to leave an 18” boundary around your home’s foundations, to prevent pests.

CI Landscape

We hope these simple landscape projects make a big difference to your garden.  But if you need a hand, CI Landscape is here to help with all your exterior landscaping needs, including low-wattage lighting and ice and snow removal.

Contact us.  Let’s get started!