Stone landscaping Kinnelon NJStone landscaping Kinnelon NJ can help you plan and select the right type of stones for enhancing the looks of your property. Apart from the aesthetics, it is important to consider the application and durability of the stone as well. Stones are now not limited to natural stones such as sandstone, limestone, gravel, marble, granite, but also include manufactured varieties as well.

How to Choose a Landscape Stone


Stone landscaping Kinnelon NJ will first consider the application of the stone. To find the right stone, you need to consider the following points:

o In which space or area you want to place the stone

o How many stones are required

o What are the things the stone will be exposed to

o How much foot or vehicle traffic the stone is going to see

After you are clear about the exact application of the stone, you then have to decide upon the texture, color, size, and shape of the stones. Color choices can be made by considering the house color, and the color that will enhance the ambience and aesthetics of the particular area. Of course, personal style preferences will play a major role in the choices you are going to make.

Uses of Landscaping Stones

Stones naturally lend elegance to an area and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place. Apart from aesthetics, stones have many practical uses as well. Stone landscaping Kinnelon NJ can suggest various ideas on how you can use various types of landscaping stones. You could border a pond or walkway, create a façade for the front of you house, construct an outdoor fireplace, line patios, design retaining walls, and even build outdoor living rooms.

Choosing Appropriate Landscaping Stones for Different Uses and Areas


Most people choose gravel, but Stone landscaping Kinnelon NJ suggest different options such as real stones that can increase the appeal of the property. There are many colors to choose from, and the maintaining such walkways are quite easy.


Stones can transform patios into warm living spaces. Some of the stones appropriate for patios are Fond du Lac, Kodiak, Waukesha, and Chilton.

Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls not only add appeal but also serve practical purposes such as preventing erosion of soil, and improving garden beds. Consider stones like Bay De Noc, Kodiak, Lannon, Chilton, and Fond du Lac for retaining walls. These stones will improve the looks of a garden and enhance the appeal of home fronts. And there is nothing wrong with that!