Stone Landscaping Mahwah NJStone landscaping Mahwah NJ provides a vast range of natural and machine made stones for enhancing the beauty of your yard. Landscaping not only improves the aesthetics but also increases the value of your property.

Almost anything is possible when you are landscaping with stone, but you need a creative mind to plan the landscaping and a professional attitude to see it through. Hence, it is always better to hire a reputed stone landscaping Mahwah NJ company to extract the best results.

Commonly Used Natural Stones for Landscaping

Knowing the features of some of the natural stones can help you make the right decision. Here are some common options that you may consider for your landscaping requirements.


Limestone has the unique quality of not absorbing much water, which makes it ideal for building walls. Some of the common colors available in limestone are grey, black, tan, and white.


If you were looking for a cost effective landscaping stone, then sandstone would be one of the best options. Sandstone is also marvelous for building walls, and you can find a whole range of shades from pink to tan.


Stone landscaping Mahwah NJ would recommend marble when you want class and elegance. Marble is comparatively costly, but is excellent for enhancing the beauty of your pool. This stone absorbs quite a bit of water and hence it is ideally suited for poolside landscaping. Commonly available colors are pink, white, yellow, brown, and black.


Granite is a very strong stone and is widely used as stepping-stones or for building walls and pillars. Pink and red colors are the most common, but there are many other colors available. Granite has a fine to medium grain, and is one of the costlier varieties.


This stone is extremely resistant to water, and hence ideally suited for landscaping around the pool, making a deck space, or any other water feature. Slate is not just available in black, but also in red, green, and a few other colors.

Apart from the type of stones, stone landscaping Mahwah NJ will also help you select the right style, which includes tumbled and non-tumbled. A tumbling solution of river rock, sand and water is used to create a weathered effect on the stones, so that they do not stand out and appear new in your landscape. Tumbled stones also have outstanding traction, which makes them ideal for patios and walkways.