Stone Landscaping Montclair NJYour house may be beautiful, but you also need to consider enhancing the beauty of your outdoors with stone landscaping Montclair NJ. The right choice of stones and their correct placement can turn your yard, garden, and pool into an enchanting place, where you can relax and entertain your guests. Here are some tips to increase the value of your property and improve aesthetics.

Where to Place Stones

Stone landscaping Montclair NJ will help you plan the right places on your property where you can place stones to enhance the beauty of the place. For this you have to study the layout of your land and the various natural formation that already exist such as ledges, outcroppings, slopes, existing rocks, and so on. If you have not yet built the house, then it is a marvelous opportunity to figure out the exact location for the house, the area you want to allocate for the garden, the place to be assigned for the pool, and any other structures. Stones can be placed aesthetically almost anywhere provided you choose the right size, shape, and color.

How to Set Stones

Stones cannot be simply placed in any manner, as they will not look good in any position, and can prove to be a hazard if they roll over. Professional landscapers recommend setting at least one-half of the stone into the ground. This means digging the ground and making a sort of pocket for half the stone to fit in. The stone should look part of the natural surroundings, and if you leave the underside exposed it will seem you have simply plopped some stones down.

How to Place Multiple Stones

Stone landscaping Montclair NJ will first plan the way multiple stones have to be placed. Haphazard placements can make the area look ugly. When there are two stones, it is better to place the larger stone in a dominant place compared to the smaller stone. When there are more than two stones, try to form some shape.

For instance, with three stones you could form a triangle with one stone standing taller than the rest, then the second stone lying at medium height and the last stone lying flat.

How to Recreate Natural Aesthetics

Recreating natural aesthetics is an art and stone landscaping Montclair NJ can help you create the perfect natural setting in your backyard. In nature, erosion and soil deposition will lead to varying sizes of rocks lying at different depths. Hence, consider the various sizes, shapes, and colors of rocks before you think of placing them in an area.