Stone Landscaping Pompton Plains NJStone landscaping Pompton Plains NJ is the best option for homeowners who want to improve the looks of their property. Paving stones can make a major difference to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors, and therefore deserves much consideration. Paving of walkways and garden paths can be done with small loose stones or with bigger flat stones. The objective would be to create a hard, even, and relatively smooth surface in places such as walkways, driveways, gardens, or even patios.

Different Types of Paving Stones

Stone landscaping Pompton Plains NJ provides a huge range of paving stones, which can suit different budgets. The common types of stones used for paving are slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, and concrete. For instance, a simple and cost effective paving layout would be red bricks combined with concrete blocks, laid in geometrical patterns.

Paving stones Designs and Patterns

Since there is a huge range of paving stones available with stone landscaping Pompton Plains NJ, it is easy to create almost any type of pattern for incorporating into the design of the pavers. Some of the regular patterns are:

Linear or Stack

Here bricks are arranged in horizontal lines and stacked with multiple rows, creating a simple structured grid.

Radial or Circular

Here the laying is started from a central axis, and rectangular or square stones are arranged in a radial or curving pattern going outwards.

Fan Shape

To create the fan shape, square stones or blocks are laid in convex or curved arrangements. Alternatively, solid molded blocks in fan shaped patterns can also be used.

Stretcher Bond

Here too linear patterns are formed, but there is not alignment between the rows along a vertical line, and there is overlapping of lines.

Selecting a paving design will depend on the location where the paving stones have to be laid, and the elements in the surrounding area are considered as well. For instance, for a straight pathway, the linear or stretcher bond patterns are preferred, whereas around a fountain you might want to use the radial pattern.

However, it will also depend on the taste of the homeowner, and the only objective would be to create something that is aesthetically pleasing. Stone landscaping Pompton Plains NJ can recommend many ideas for paving your pathways that not only enhance the appearance of your outdoors but also improve the value of your property.