Stone Landscaping Ramsey NJWhen you have taken the pains to build a beautiful house, it would be a shame to leave the outdoors in a drab state. Stone landscaping Ramsey NJ can dramatically change dull outdoors into lively beautiful space.

Stones can be used for paving, to form borders, build outside walls, or they can be simply placed in locations to enhance the aesthetics of the surroundings.

In landscaping people usually think of using small and medium sized stones, but rocks and large stones are usually overlooked. However, a well-placed large stone or rock can dramatically enhance the looks of an area, and make a bold statement.

How Many Large Stones to Use

Stone landscaping Ramsey NJ recommends careful planning before using large stones on your property. The number of large rocks or stones that can be used will depend on the effect you want to create. For instance, single large stone or rock can be used to create a powerful focal point in an area, whereas multiple large stones can be placed at intervals when you want to offset greenery or foliage in your garden or yard.

Creating Features

Stone landscaping Ramsey NJ can create stunning features in your yard or garden with large stones. You may want to consider installing large flat stone that can serve as a water feature for creating the wall for a waterfall.

You could also plant perennial flowers in front, or low-lying plants around the wall. Combining the large stone with plants and water will create natural surroundings that look very pleasing and magical. Large stones can also be used to create an awesome fence that can provide privacy as well as security. A fence made of granite stones looks especially fantastic around a swimming pool.

Functional Aspects of Large Stones

Apart from improving aesthetics, using large stones in stone landscaping Ramsey NJ has many functional advantages. Large rocks and stones will prevent erosion of your soil, especially from slopes on your property. These stones also curb the spread of weeds, especially when you place them around decks and small ponds. Strategically place large stones where you feel weeds are most likely to pop out and thrive. Large stones are also excellent for diverting the flow of water, or strong air drafts.

Lastly, flat large stones are also excellent for paving walkways and driveways on your property. For instance, Flagstone is a beautiful stone that can be installed quite easily.