Stone Landscaping Saddle River NJBy making a reasonable investment, you can improve the looks and value of your property with stone landscaping Saddle River NJ. Selecting and placing the right type of stones, you can enhance aesthetics of your property considerably. Landscaping stones are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors.

Decorative Ground Cover

Stone landscaping Saddle River NJ makes clever use of stones to give your ground a fantastic decorative cover. For instance, you could use river rocks that are rounded for simulating a dry creek that is running through your back yard. River stones are available in many sizes ranging from small varieties that measure about half an inch to very large varieties that measure a foot across. However, river rocks are quite heavy, so make sure to call stone landscaping Saddle River NJ company that has the right equipment to move and place these rocks.

Landscaping with Gravel

Even simple pea sized gravel can make a major difference to the looks of your pathways. Pea gravel is about quarter inch and is ideally suited for pathways. Secondly, when you use gravel instead of concrete paving, the gravel allows infiltration of rainwater into the soil, which provides additional water to plants and reduces runoffs.

You could also consider slightly larger landscaping stones for your pathways that measure about half to three quarter inches. These are meant for covering larger areas and provide color base for plants. Available colors are shades of black, pink, and brown. Vendors tend to give exotic names to the colors, and the same color could be available in different names from different vendors.

Landscaping with Larger Stones and Boulders

Larger stones and boulders make a bold statement and have a grand appearance. However, you need to plan carefully before you place any boulders in the area, since they can look out of place in certain areas. Secondly, you need to bury boulders partially so that they can blend more naturally with the surroundings. If you are using multiple large stones, it is best to have them of different sizes; otherwise, rocks of same size can look odd.

Using Flagstones for Pathways

If you do not like loose gravel, stone landscaping Saddle River NJ suggests paving your pathways with flagstones. These stones are available in flat shapes of random sizes, and in specific shapes. You may also want to consider the pre-fabricated variety that come in polygonal, square, or rectangle blocks in various colors.