Stone Landscaping Upper Saddle River NJGravel and small stones can be used in almost every type of design in stone landscaping Upper Saddle River NJ. Gravel is not only aesthetic and appealing but also solves water drainage issues. Gravel can be used in pathways or simply as decorative ground covering around plant beds. Here are a few types of gravel that you might want to consider for your landscaping dreams.

Crushed Granite

Crushed granite has small chunky pieces of granite and has a sharp texture. This type of gravel would be ideal for patios and walkways and for covering ground around dry variety of plants. Crushed granite provides a contemporary and refined look and adds fantastic texture in the garden.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite is more powdery than crushed granite and is ideally suited to create a rustic ambience. It is also a wonderful and salient dressing for arid plants. When it is new, the color will be reddish tan, but fades to a lighter shade after some time. If you have hardwood floors inside your home, you might give this gravel a pass, as it sticks to bottom of shoes and is tracked inside. It is best to form a compact surface by setting thin layers and watering them down. The other disadvantage of decomposed granite is that weeds will be difficult to remove once they start growing in the gravel.

Pea Gravel

Most people prefer pea gravel for stone landscaping Upper Saddle River NJ, as it is readily available and quite inexpensive. As the name suggest the stones are size of a peas, but you can also get pea gravel measuring as large as 5/8 inch as well. You can get pea gravel in shades of brown and in white color. This gravel is best suited for pathways, patio areas and as filler between flat rocks. You need to provide proper edging to prevent the gravel from straying. Pea gravel is not suitable for pathways that see traffic of wheeled equipment or lawn mowers.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

These are rounded smooth stones of grayish black color and are used mainly for decorations in stone landscaping Upper Saddle River NJ. These stones are ideally suited for bordering plant beds and patios, and can be used as toppers for flowerpots. Mexican beach pebbles provide a sophisticated elegance to the area, but are comparatively expensive and can be hard to find sometimes.